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  1. How did he do at the achievements for his current rank? Did he struggle to complete them? Has he earned his rank badge? Is he a Tiger, a Wolf or a Bear? If completing the requirements was difficult physically or intellectually, repeating isn't a bad idea, particularly if he hasn't completed his rank requirements. Tigers and Bears have more flexibility - Tiger Go and See its can be to a variety of places, so he's not repeating too much stuff. In Bears, he could do the achievements he didn't do the year before. With Wolves he would be stuck repeating the same 12 achievements he did th
  2. After the Little Sioux tornado, our properties committee evaluated all of our camps. As new buildings are added, they are built with storm shelter capabilities - generally concrete basements. In some areas of the camp, section of 8' sewer pipe have been installed (some nested in berms, others freestanding), to serve as shelter areas. Two years ago, our pack was camping at a nearby camp property, which is typically used for weekend camping (no long-term camp programs are conducted at this facility). The weather was threatening, and we were in a building preparing for our pack graduation c
  3. I've found that creating a culture that _expects_ leaders to be trained rather that offering it as an option is the key. I know that its hard when info is released late, but remember that you don't have to attend your district's training. If another near by district offers sessions that are convenient, you can attend. Start checking with your district/council trainers now for next fall's training. In most cases, they have set those dates, because the council expects it. Even if locations aren't known, if you get the dates on your unit calendars, your leaders can plan ahead. Keep checking
  4. The Cub Scout Leader How To Book has a section on this event. There are suggestions on games and activities. Remember, helmets are *required* for all riders at Scout cycling activities. Here are some links to resources: http://www.bicyclinglife.com/safetyskills/bicyclerodeo.htm http://www.bike.cornell.edu/pdfs/Bike_Rodeo_404.2.pdf http://bicycling.about.com/od/organizedbikeevents/a/bikerodeo_event.htm http://www.cbcef.org/pdf/bike_rodeo06.pdf
  5. I am in a very large council. Back when money was more available, this didn't happen in our council. We had pros in charge of camping (who were not DEs), but they did administrative stuff, mainly at the office, and generally hired seasonal employees to be program directors at camp. Money has tightened up considerably, and the council is now tasking district executives to take on council level positions, and doubling up other staff members with additional responsibilities. For instance, the director of camping and properties left the council, and the staff member in charge of one of our t
  6. bylaw   /ˈbaɪˌlɔ/ [bahy-law] noun 1. a standing rule governing the regulation of a corporation's or society's internal affairs. A Scout unit is not a corporation. Bylaws generally state who can be a member (the BSA tells us that). They state who can vote (In general the only voting that gets done in the BSA is by Chartered Organization Representatives at District and Council meetings). They state how often officers are elected (BSA leaders aren't elected - they are appointed by the Chartered Organization). They define the officers and their duties (the BSA has already defined
  7. Since districts don't exist as legal entities, your district doesn't have funds of its own. It has a line or lines in the council's operating budget for its annual activities (recruiting, camporees, etc.). Those funds are really the property of the council, and allocated to the district for its use during a fiscal year. Often, camperships are funded from your council's endowment funds. The capital of the endowment is rarely if ever spent. The interest earned is set aside for various uses, including camp improvements and camperships. Sometimes camperships are funded through dedicated
  8. Our local Girl Scout council must be unusual. We don't do joint recruiting, but if you visit their web site in the fall, you'll get referred to ours to join Cub Scouts. If you visit our Unit finder - www.adventureiscalling.org - and enter that you have a girl under 13, you get referred to the local GSUSA web site. We have slips that we distribute at recruiting events to girls about Girl Scouting. We use their camps for our events. We do Scouting for Food jointly.
  9. The core values will repeat. My undertanding is that the suggested meetings will not be revised. Its up to us to make the content new and fresh, I guess.
  10. That information is at odds with what was published in the Training Update in Jan 2010: "Introduction to Outdoor Skills for Boy Scout leaders is being revised. The new outdoor course will be a one-size-fits-all for Webelos leaders, Boy Scout leaders, and Venturing leaders. Once a person completes the training, it is not necessary to repeat it when they move to another program. BALOO will remain as a training aid as it focuses more on safety than on outdoor skills." At one time, I believe that was the plan, but it has been re-evaluated, I believe. I'll believe the new syllabus exists whe
  11. Ours is a breakfast, instead of a dinner. I like the family style serving idea. We end up in long a buffet line and food is sometimes cold. Big attraction is the silent auction for various critter related items. We introduce the Course Directors and staffs for next three or four upcoming courses (we hold three courses a year in our council), rather than doing any beadings. Those are encouraged to be held at RT or a unit event.
  12. A couple ideas I've found useful. Scale the meeting space to the size of the den. So, if you have six boys, meet in a classroom not the cafeteria. If you give them lots of room to run, they will take it. If you must meet in a larger room, use tables and chairs to create a smaller space within the larger room. Don't allow "down time" between activities. Plan out your meeting, and arrange of the the materials/equipment so that you can move seamlessly from one activity to another. Unsupervised transitions are one of the biggest opportunities for misbehavior - since they're not being eng
  13. Not all councils record attendance at Pow Wow or University of Scouting. I have attended numerous of these events. No individual classes show up on my training record. The whole day Roundtable Conference I attended as part of the College of Commissioner Science is recorded, but no other codes have been entered.
  14. Mr. Boyce - earlier you posted that you wanted an oval bumper sticker - the European style one. Well, today at the Scout Shop, I picked one up. It's not quite as you described - doesn't have a fleur-de-lis, just the letters BSA in the oval. Can't find it online yet, but was able to find one. Item #330010 $1.99.
  15. Bring back the woman's hat. http://www.scoutinsignia.com/hats/cubhat2.jpg http://www.scoutinsignia.com/hats/womenhat.jpg I have the Cub Scout one, but despite years of searching, cannot find the green one.
  16. Referenced items in this thread can be found here: Selecting Quality Leaders Supplemental Training Module: http://scouting.org/Training/Adult/Supplemental/SelectingQualityLeaders.aspx Selecting Quality Leaders pamphlet http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/18-981.pdf
  17. From the previous version of the Cub Scout Leader Book: "Various other types of Cub Scout garments are available, such as official activity Tiger Cub T-shirts, sweatshirts, and red patch vests. These items are for casual wear and are not considered part of the official uniform."
  18. We are unclear about Scoutmaster Bucky's relationship with the council. Some of the sessions are advertised on the council web site. We are in the process of asking for clarification on the program from the advancement committee. To be fair, they do not sign off on requirements which are impossible to complete in a single session. Scouts are still expected to MC Courts of Honor or campfires for example. However, we have had a report that a Scout from another troop slept through a session and still got his blue card signed. It is one of the issues which has us concerned.
  19. I recently participated in a discussion of FOS presentations on another forum. A poster on that forum described his troop's method of soliciting FOS donations. The committee members divide up the parents/historical donors list and make individual phone calls or personal appeals to the donors. This is similar to the way in which some community FOS campaigns are conducted. I thought it was brilliant. BUT he has a 75 year old troop at a well established (some say legendary) church, with lots of support. Now - take your typical Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop, which barely has enough c
  20. 1/ How skilled in Scout-Craft were you before you took the course? Moderately. But irrelevant - we slept in cabins & did no hiking or camping (But lots of singing) 2/ What skills did you learn on /from the course Planning and conducting GREAT Cub Scout training opportunities 3/How much time was spent cooking meals and clearing up each day? None - all meals were catered. NOTE - I earned my beads as a member of the Bear Den of C-CS-3 Cub Scout Trainer Wood Badge.
  21. Some we publicize and provide transport. Others, we're not so hot on and don't make a big deal of. We have real reservation about a group of Scouters in our council and this program: http://www.scoutmasterbucky.com/ Unfortunately PARENTS seek out these opportunities. Since the SM is supposed to assign the Merit Badge Counselor, we have made it a requirement that before the Scout attends OR REGISTERS for an event like this, he *must* seek a blue card from the Scoutmaster. If the Scout has been overusing the clinic setting the SM may strongly suggest he use an individual counselor, not
  22. We give them camping gear. A compass, a headlamp, a good water bottle, a good mess kit (not the metal kind - but something like this: http://www.gandermountain.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?i=437279&pdesc=GSI_Outdoors_Cascadian_1_Person_Table_Set&aID=505C4D&merchID=4006
  23. Our Council holds a Coordinated Committee meeting three or four times a year. In addition, some other council operating committees hold stand alone meetings - sometimes monthly, depending on need. The advancement committee is one that meets monthly to deal with the topics you mention. Other committees which meet frequently include the Camping committee, the Relationships committee, the Shooting sports committee (which is a sub committee of the activities & civic service committee), the finance committee (duh), and a couple others, I think.
  24. Here's a site devoted to rocketry and Scouts, which has some useful info: http://www.bsarocketry.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=50&layout=blog&Itemid=2
  25. You sound as if you're enthusiastic and dedicated about leading. That's great for you, your Scouts and their parents. Remember though, its easy to take on too many roles. Sometimes, parents (especially new ones) see a Den Leader being the Popcorn Kernel or Outings Chair, and the Cubmaster running the Pinewood Derby, and the Committee Chair doing recruiting and think "Oh, they don't really _need_ me - everything is getting done". In reality all of those people are wearing extra hats and tearing out their hair, complaining that none of the parents will help! The best things you can do
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