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  1. Northern Star Council will host 3 courses in 2007 (including a winter course, in Minnesota - go figure). Feb. 16-18 & March 9-11 Kiwanis Scout Camp (near Stillwater, MN) April 20-22 & May 18-20 Kiwanis Scout Camp & Phillpo Scout Reservation (near Cannon Falls, MN) August 17-19 & Sept. 7-9 Stearn Scout Camp (near Annandale, MN) $200.00 - Scholarships available http://www.northernstarbsa.org/Forms/PDF/Training/WoodBadge07.pdf
  2. WVCubDad, Our pack also pays the "fee" for an adult leader. By this we mean the $10.00 membership fee paid to the National Council. Event fees are reimbursed if the adult is attending and supervising Scouts. For instance, all of the adults who attened Webelos Camp this summer were reimbursed for their fees. Similarly, we paid the leader fees for Day Camp. Note - we reimburse, not prepay. Unfortunately, we've had people sign up to attend and then flake out. Once a leader has attended an event, he or she is reimbursed. (This applies to training, both basic and supplemental as well).
  3. They're published by a private publisher, at the request of the BSA. DK does all sorts of kids books. These will be sold in Scout Shops - new one each month. However, the content, while tying into the monthly Cub Scout theme, is not necessarily exclusive to Cubs. For instance, the October book is a knot book. While it ties in with Cub Scout Ship Builders theme, it certainly isn't just a "Scout" book.
  4. Zoo Adventures Activity Booklet A complete booklet of activities for individual use or for use to supplement an entire month of den meetings. Zoo Adventures features stories of Zoo Animals, fun animal facts, animal masks craft activity, re-usable stickers, word search games, puzzles and more. Zoo Adventures is the first booklet in the new Cub Scout Activity Series program, designed to provide fun learning opportunities for boys and girls age 5 to 9, and can be used with the Cub Scout Theme of the Month if desired. http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/images/05NDC/images/34758.jpg Item
  5. The 5-1 ratio is your "worst" case scenario. It's in the materials to allow dens who can't get every parent to camp to still attend. The Cub Scout Leader book says that Webelos den camping is conducted with every Scout responsible to an adult. That adult can be an accompanying parent, or it can be another adult, who the Scout's parents have asked to be responsible for their son. The "responsible adult" should not be the den leader, but another parent on the camp out.
  6. These are relatively new. They came out in April or May, so many people haven't heard of them. They are to be used as part of the process of evaluating the unit for the new Centennial Quality Award.
  7. Yes - training is training. You can (and should) take it where ever it fits your schedule. Bravo for being on top of what you need to serve your Scouts!
  8. There are also a number of new Good Turn for America PSAs: http://www.goodturnforamerica.org/enter/getpage.cgi?wrap=support&page=/support/marketing.html
  9. Could this possibly be the Centennial Quality Award? I notice the Unit level award includes: "We supported the council by participating in Friends of Scouting and the annual product sale." http://www.scouting.org/awards/centennial/index.html
  10. Norfolk jackets were late 19th and early 20th century British "sporting" wear - they were worn for bicyling, shooting and fishing, so it would make sense that the style was used for an "outdoorsy" activity such as Scouting. The style was also used for military uniforms, and since the original Scout uniforms were derived from military wear, it would be logical. Norfolk jackets usually have an integral full or half belt. They were often worn with knickers, especially by boys. Comparing this picture of BP: http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:2tUKNf7twRTsGM:www.geocities.com/culbokieg
  11. "Cub Scouting - It's not just for kids" describes the program and the roles that adults have in a Cub Scout pack. It's primary use is to convince adults to volunteer. "Cub Scout Orientation" gets into a little more detail, and covers advancement, ranks, how a pack and den work, etc. It is intended as a tool for Cubmasters, Den Leaders and Pack Trainers to introduce newly joined parents to Cub Scouting. "Cub Scout Outdoor Program" is describes the different types of Cub Scout camping and outings, the leadership requirements for same, etc. It is primarily used in leader training sessio
  12. Do you know what BWCAW entry point you'll be using? (or are you doing a Quetico trip?) The big (13,000 acres) fire is the Cavity Lake fire, which is centered around Seagull lake, near the Gunflint trail (that's quite a ways east of Ely - actually two counties over) This fire is burning towards an area that has been burned in fires the last few years, either wild or prescribed fires. This is hoped to reduce the fuel load and make fighting the fire easier. Our governor has sent National Guard troops to help fight this fire. These entry points and lakes are closed: * Entry point 51
  13. A couple of observations: The "Gray Areas" document is not new. I first saw a version more than 10 years ago, the first time I attended (Central Region)National Camping School. When I attended the same course two years ago, I also received the same document. So, the ideas presented in the document have been around for some time. This may be why ScoutNut has never seen the older more offensive versions of some of the referenced skits - they've died a natural death, due to the fact that they crossed the line. Lisabob refers to a separate policy regarding "God Bless my Underwear."
  14. Here's a link to one version of the gray areas document: http://troop-42.net/Files/Grey%20Areas.pdf
  15. Check out these three - Troop 513 - Peace Lutheran (Coon Rapids) Troop 524 - Epiphany Catholic Church (Coon Rapids) Trrop 552 - Madison Elementary School (Blaine) Scouts from our pack have graduated into all three, and have been happy with their experiences.
  16. Your son became a Bear Cub on June 1, so he can start working out of his Bear book this summer. Read it carefully, things get a little more complicated in the Bear year. There are 24 possible achievements, but he only has to do 12.
  17. Pictures! I realize you're seeking brevity, but really, what shows the unit in action better than pictures? We're adding pictures to our CO report next year.
  18. Apparently (according to the Reading Merit Badge pamphlet), the American Library Association has an "Advisory Committee to Scouting". This seems to be the basis of their relationship with the BSA. The ALA routinely passes resolutions on social issues. As a librarian, I'm not sure they're always germane to our profession, but some of my colleagues seem to have too much time on their hands.
  19. The current issue says that single issues are $3.60 each. Call (972) 580-2088 or write to: Boy's Life, 1325 Walnut Hill Lane, P.O. Box 152401, Irving, TX 75015-2401.
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