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  1. I am not lokking for the standard Tandy eagle leather stamps. I've seen those. I am looking for the Wood Badge leather stamp of the eagle with the beads. I've been watching Ebay for a year. I have contacted Tandy and BSA National Supply. No joy so far. YiS, Steve I used to be an Eagle...
  2. If anybody has the Eagle critter leather stamp available, I need one. That's the only one I am missing. YiS, Steve I used to be an Eagle...
  3. My understanding is that National is planning to use the nylon version of the canvas wall tents for the 2013 National Jamboree. My Council (NCAC) had some of each at the 2010. I liked the nylon better in that they had screen doors so you could get a breeze and still keep some of the bugs out.
  4. Chubby's Cubmaster wrote: The centennial tan & green numerals are worn on a centennial tan scout shirt regardless of the level of scouting. The shoulder loops signify the level of scouting. The official red and white numerals are work on other official scout uniform shirts that are not the centential tan, that is the cub scout blue shirts, female scout leader yellow shirts, venture crew green shirts and the non-centennial tan shirts. I just bought a centennial shirt and wear the tan and green centennial numerals. Note: That the centennial tan and green "trained" patch i
  5. Can somebody explain the registration fee chart in the youth application? What month is the "12" month? If you join in September, what month is that? Y.I.S., Steve McDanal Committee Chairman Webelos Den Leader Pack 1786 Unit Commissioner Pack 1784 Camp Director
  6. We just built a track last year. Plywood with a formica racing surface. Initially 32 feet long. Track was too fast (1/4" difference between 1st and 4th in some races) to score by eye. We built 2 additional sections later bringing the track to 48 feet. Had MAJOR issues with the track after the additional length was added. The plywood for the 2 new sections was not the same thickness as the original pieces, so there was a lip. Had cars come off the track. Gonna do a LOT of work tuning it up before this years races (we do a Pack derby and a public fundraiser derby). It was a LOT of work
  7. Beavah, I want them there because to me, my making it thru the course is partly because of the great group of patrolmates I have. Not because I want them clapping for me. Believe me, had I been in some of the other patrols from my course, I would not have made it thru the first day. It's all part of being part of a patrol. When they are awarded their beads, I will be there. It's not the public recognition that I want, it's the spirit of it to me. The only 2 people that I insist having at my beading are the 2 that have done the most for me in scouting. My father for being my leader (he
  8. A boy I grew up with died when I was a senior in High School. He was a Cub with me and in my troop until his family moved to California. We shared a tent our first year at summer camp as boy scouts. He made Eagle while in California. They buried him back here in Maryland. ALL the palbearers were Eagles that grew up with him, we were in full uniform. Our troop did colorguard, my high adventure explorer post handled parking and a police explorer post directed traffic.
  9. Expensive, but here's what I did. I bought blue canvas duck cloth and my wife hemmed the edge for me. Used iron-on backing to add the large (6") rank patches to it according to what den it was. I add the next rank at the end of the year (i.e when the Tiger den became the Wolf den in June, I added the Wolf rank patch to the flag). Made my own felt lettering to add the Pack and Den numbers. Made it double sided too. Put brass grommets in the 2 corners to hang it from the flagpole. Glued brass threaded inserts into the pole and used brass screws to attach the flag to the pole (so I c
  10. My father taught his own Boy Scout version of BALOO when I was a Scout. He always handed out a packet of info with a Beagle Scout comic on the cover. Part of my Wood Badge Ticket was teaching BALOO courses. I contacted United Feature Synd. (copyright holder) and described the strip. They sent it to me in digital format and gave me permission to reprint it for the BALOO handout I put together. It tells the importance of knowing what to pack when you go on a hike. If anybody is interested, I can forward it on. Y.I.S., Steve McDanal Committee Chairman Webelos Den Leader Pack
  11. "Every year it seems to be a struggle to get boys to the showers (mostly the younger guys). Any "fresh" ideas on how to get boys to take a shower at least once during the week of camp?" My father was the Troop Scoutmaster at summer camp for 4 years when I was a scout. First day he would gather us all around and say something along the lines of "It's hot, you're gonna get dirty. You HAVE to shower. If you don't, you'll get crotch rot." First year, one boy responded with "Will IT fall off?" Everybody showered.
  12. In May I sent out invitations to my beading to my fellow critters. All my patrolmates acknowledged getting it. My beading is Saturday. NONE of my patrolmates are going to be there (one is going to try, but his unit is going out of town that day, and I understand that the unit comes first, I support that). It's just highly disappointing. Thanks for letting me vent. Steve I used to be an EAGLE NCAC 82-89 Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle
  13. "Nice to see I'm not the only one with this song stuck in my head for all eternity" Whenever I sing my daughter (4 y.o.) a bedtime song, she wants "the Animal Song" and she sings it with me.
  14. Anybody have Back to Gilwell on CD? Pie in the Sky would be the song w/ the words. I want to be able to play it on a radio during my beading ceremony.
  15. First thing: There is no Tiger Motto anymore. Now that they do Bobcat first, the Tiger motto went bye-bye. Second: Ask your current Tiger DL what he/she would have liked to learn at training. In our district, we make the position specific breakout a roundtable discussion. We tell them the basics, give them ideas and where to go for information. Once the official stuff is done, we answer questions and give ideas round robin style.
  16. I used to be an Eagle... I attended the fall '06 Wood Badge in the National Capital Area Council (82-89). I finished my Ticket March 10th. I expected it to take me MUCH longer to meet my recruiting goals, but apparently I can sell the program better than I thought. I'll hopefully get beeded on August 18th. I focused on my position of Pack Committee Chairman when doing my Ticket. Because of that, I want the Pack to be at my ceremony. However, the driving force behind my being in Scouting as a leader and going thru Wood Badge is my father. He was my Asst. Scoutmaster and Senior Advi
  17. I used to be a Eagle, and a Good Old Eagle too, But now I've finished Eagling and I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble, and I can Eagle no more! So I'm going to work my ticket if I can! Back to Gilwell, Happy Land, I'm going to work my ticket if I can!
  18. I am looking to make a diorama of a car. Like a parade float. Cut the wood 1/2" thick, use the model railroad grass stuff to cover it, and then use the figures to make a scout scene on it. Leaning towards a campout scene.
  19. I don't know if this is the right forum to post this in or not, so pardon me if it is not. I am looking for lead/plastic soldier type scout figures for a pine wood derby car. Prefer Cubs, but will use Boy Scouts if that is all I can find. Anybody know if they are avialable anywhere? Found some plastic ones on eBay, but hoping to find metal, or a store where I can see them before I purchase them if they are plastic. Thanks, Steve
  20. Mapping the cemetery sounds like and EXCELLENT service project to me. This is something that will continue on thru time, and be a lasting contribution to his community. There are also projects on the internet with groups doing just this activity. It would be a great idea for him to contact these groups and see if they would like his information. My project was building furniture that I designed for the kids room at a local wildlife preserve. This was back in the summer of '89. The furniture is still in use to this day, and I have even had other Eagle candidates request copies of my plan
  21. Does BSA (or anybody else) sell large Cub Scout rank patches? I want them to be the design on our Den flag. Looking for patches in the 4"-6" range. Are they available? Thanks, Steve
  22. My pack has been trying to get den chiefs, but the local troop does not have the scouts available. I delivered the boy's book to his mother tonight. He was happy to see me, and happy to get his book, and he definately seemed to me to be excited when I told him how close he was to getting his Wolf badge. Hopefully I will see him at meetings again. I will put up with the mother, as long as she gives me a chance to give her son a good scouting experience.
  23. If none of these work for you, let me know, and I will convert the excel spreadsheet (wolftrax) that I use, and love, into a .pdf for you. It won't be fillable on your computer, but you could print it out and have it in a notebook.
  24. Glad to get verification that I am on the right track. About my organization skills. Now that I have discovered the WONDERFUL scout trax spreadsheets, that will not be an issue. I don't really "need" an A.D.L., just want someone I can rely on to take over when I cannot attend something ( I don't expect that to ever happen, but you never know, I may get the avian flu ).
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