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  1. It is very nice of Chinese youth labor to work for hours a day in state of the art factories, with excellent safety records for tiny wages creating uniforms to support a group their leaders ban them from joining. I am surprised BSA uniform shirts do not come with a tag announcing this, just like they used to be proud of Made in America. Why would they not want to yell it from the tree tops? Or if the shirt was in someway better due to being manufactured in China have a tag saying, "This BSA uniform shirt is 30% cheaper than if it was made in America."
  2. What better way to break the 1949 Communist Party ban on Scouting than to show them the money. Huge number of potential new scouts there. Child slave labor is a huge well known issue. I would expect an organization of BSA's caliber to issue a statement that the factory has been inspected for humane labor issues and subject to periodic inspections. BSA should of expected this issue would not go unnoticed. BSA should of been proactive about the change in vender location. They were not.
  3. I have seen 3 Eagle Awards. I think she is only the third in town to receive one. There was a state ceremoney for all the girls earning gold in the state. I think her Gold Award Advisor and the (town chairman?)will do the talking part. They have asked me to select a date and location to present her gold award. I hope to book the local library room. I hope to put out a table of food. A light lunch with desert. Flowers would be nice too. I am looking for something to make the event shine.
  4. I have a Girl Scout who will be receiving her Gold Award in a couple of weeks. Any ideas on how to make the ceremoney and event especially nice?
  5. Eqeq

    shoulder loops

    Yes, the Den Chief cords or ropes.
  6. Eqeq

    shoulder loops

    One of the ropes is longer than the other by about one and a half inches. I checked a new package and the loops are the same way.
  7. Eqeq

    Extra Belt Loops

    The new uniform pants have an attached black belt. The pants also have aditional belt loops. Is the green belt with the gold buckle supposed to be worn on top of the other belt? Please explain this double belt loop system. Thank you.
  8. Eqeq

    shoulder loops

    Why are the loops uneven? The loops don't fall right and look messy. Any hints? Thank you.
  9. anarchist's "... helps our boys to design a working calendar ..." Excellent. That must be a key to sucess. The Troop that distribuites a clear Calendar with Meetings and Events first gets my scout with an active parent. I will plan my family calendar around scout activities if a timely calendar is provided. fgoodwin's "... because of facility limitations, camping trips will be filled on a first-come first-served basis." That seems reasonable. As a parent I would like to see a sign up sheet for each camp out with dates listed. Fourty numbered lines if 40 slots are alloted. At th
  10. I would first question that the youth over charged the cannon. Was there a previous charge that had not been ignighted? So his was, unknown to him, the second charge? Metal fatigues and gets invisible little cracks. Old firearms should be x-rayed to see if they are still serviceable. Where was this cannon aimed? The film canister was not the best idea. This horrible incident brings up the whole topic of scout safety. From what I have seen the no pointing things no laser tag rule is a feel good measure that does not accomplish boy scout goals. Many of the cub scouting events I have
  11. Eqeq


    Is anybody out there?
  12. Has anyone applied for Destinations? Or in the past Wider Ops? Especially out of the country? I found the experience maturing for my Scout.
  13. Eqeq

    All that salad

    Tonight I was able to ask my question at a pack meeting. (All the popcorn sellers got a matchbox and major sellers could win a prize, and they got wraped pinewoods, after they made an edible for the birds tree to put at the local nursing home) You all were right. The center was an L for Lions the sponsoring organization. The segments were for everything the scouts did during the year. The Scout Master came right out and said they are not really supposed to be there but that for time in memorial that is how this pack has done it. He said when they go to council events, council does not re
  14. I would think that a Boy Scout in a room of Cub Scouts would be like moths to a flame. What great publicity for creating future Boy Scouts. If I was cub master I would maybe introduce him to the group and direct any questions they have about Boy Scouts to him. If he has lots of homework he would still probably attract a following once the cubs knew he was a boy scout. As long as he is kind to the Cubs I don't see a down side.
  15. Eqeq

    All that salad

    Opps. I was unclear in my question. This is below the temporary patch area. More like on the belly. I did ask the scout but he was shy and the program we were at got noisy and I was unable to continue my question. All of his awards looked perfectly positioned so I'm guessing that what ever this was he was not wearing it incorectly.
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