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  1. OldGrayOwl, thanks. The recording isn't working so well however. I am assuming I need an external mic or something. Once recorded the playback is very faint and fuzzy?
  2. I have searched and searched for an MP3 format of the Back to Gilwell song and can only find the MIDI version. Tried to convert the MIDI to MP3 and apparently thats not possible? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! ~Jeff
  3. Thanks Hawk. Appreciate the info Packsaddle! We did an intro last night to the bow drill and the broken match award. Thanks for the tip on the drill diameter. I figured the larger diameter would have more surface area thus allowing for greater friction. It turned but not very fast. I have some old croquet sticks that are soon to become drills it looks like!
  4. AvidSM, i have heard of taking a carmex container and cleaning it out then using that in the palm of your hand. I guess whatever you can do to reduce friction!
  5. Thanks Ohio_Scouter, that is a great article! Lucky for me, I am going to Arizona soon and will be able to snag some Yucca!!
  6. I am working with my Varsity Team (hence the "bleed orange" user name) and they are going to be working on their broken match award (have to start a fire with flint and steel and also a fire with a bow drill in 10 minutes). I have received some good bow drill help from other scout leaders in my area but am looking for additional ideas on what the ideal materials are: Economically, ease of use, and portability. This will be a summer long project as we work on this award at our high adventure and other camp outs. What has worked best for you??
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