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  1. Bassetdad

    Best Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

    Hi Steve, I agree Camp Ransburg is a fine camp, we stayed @ Ransburg 92, 93,94 & 2000.The troop wants to attend a five star summer camp in either Mich, or Penn for 2009 2012. Rick
  2. Bassetdad

    Best Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

    Hi Everybody, 1) In your opinion which is the best BSA summer camp in Pennsylvania? 2) Why would you drive hundred of miles to attend this Pennsylvania summer camp? Thanks in Advance, Rick T614 Advancement Ch Cincinnati, Ohio
  3. Bassetdad

    Summer Camp w/in 4hrs of Columbus OH?

    How does Camp McKee compare to Camp Crooked Creek?
  4. Bassetdad


    Hi Everybody, Our troop is looking for a new summer camp in 2009. While we are very comfortable at Camp Buck Toms in TN, We we feel its time to find a new summer camp. How does the following summer camps compare to Camp Buck Toms? Boxwell Scout Reservation, TN Camp Crooked Creek, KY Thanks in Advance! Bassetdad
  5. Bassetdad

    Where did you go to summer camp?

    Hi Everybody, From 1991 till 2007 our troop has bounced back & fourth between these summer camps. CAMP RANSBURG *** http://www.ransburgbsa.org/ CAMP POWHATAN ***** http://www.bsa-brmc.org/pdfs/camp/camppromo/powhatan.pdf CAMP BUCK TOMS **** http://www.campbucktoms.org/
  6. Bassetdad

    Summer Camp w/in 4hrs of Columbus OH?

    Mlg Take a look at Camp Friedlander, its only two hours away from you. http://www.danbeard.org/camping_boy.aspx Bassetdad