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  1. I have a place for you all to think about. I understand that Guantanamo Bay is going to be empty in the future. Ah yes........ just think. Nice weather, the ocean, big landing strips, plenty of housing too. What a paradise this would be. The only people that you would have to talk about would be the cubans. I bet we could get it cheap too. I can see it now..............
  2. 1Vigil

    Double H closing?

    I had heard that Double H was closing as well. Liked to have fell over. Our troop took two crews to Double H in 2008. The boys and adults love the concept. I called it Philmont EXTREME ! Because it was so much different than the main Philmont Ranch and NO TRAILS. You had to live up to the LEAVE NO TRACE as the properties were not ours. Even the land was so much different. I guess it was the different taste of high adventure that was so unique about it. I will have to say one thing though. The staff that has served at the Double H ranch were great. Most of all in the first aid or rescue areas. They were the best and were very professional. KODOS STAFFERS. Lets just hope that Double H can reappear again in the future.
  3. Yes our Honor Guard unit with in our troop helped the family of a long time scouter last month. We wanted to help the family but not stand out. The family came first. The honor guard posted guard beside the casket or scouter. We changed the guards every 15 minutes. It is the same drill the highway patrol uses in a funeral. We also posted two guards at the back of the visitation room as he had all of his scouting award, life achievements and family photos. Around the scouting awards we posted a US flag, State flag and Troop flag. We also wanted to make sure nothing disappeared for the family. At the funeral we had the honor guard post at all the door openings to greet people. All these ceremonies were white glove. After the bag pipes were done playing. The honor guard was called to attention and marched to the casket. We then posted on each side of the scouter that had pasted away. After the closing prayer. The honor guard was called to attention and a slow scout salute was given. This lasted about 10 seconds. We then followed behind the pastor and the pallbears followed behind us. The casket then followed next. We greeted the scouter as the pallbears at the hearst. The honor guard gave the scouter a right hand solute once more as he was placed in the hearst. The honor guard then left while the motorcade was getting ready to leave. We arrived at the gravesite to greet the scouter. Giving him a scout solute once more. Once he was placed at the graveside. The guard was on one side of the casket. The last prayer was given and then the honor guard team was called to attention for the last time. Taps was the last thing we preformed. Our boys on the team did a perfect job as they have done several ceremonies. They didn`t miss one step or turn. The scouter would have loved it. If anybody else has done a funeral. I would love to here your experience as well. If anyone ever does a scouting funeral. Just make sure you check with all the boys parents first. Check with the family first as well. Practice, practice, practice. Always remember. The funeral is for the scouter and family in grief.
  4. 1Vigil

    So what do you do for a living?

    I am a production manager for a daily newspaper and publishing company. Been with the scouting movement for 33 years and don`t even have a boy. Just a daughter. But I will finally have a grandson joining in about 2 years.
  5. 1Vigil

    Anyone with Double H experience?

    Has anyone else here ever slept under a fly at night or under the stars at Double H? I have done this several times at Philmont. Love sleeping under the stars. We are leaving the last of June 2008. Love to hear more comments from other campers from Double H.
  6. 1Vigil

    The new uniform

    I just went to the website to see the Australian uniform. I don`t like it. It looks like they couldn`t make up there mind for a Class A or Class B. If a boy goes from cub scouts to boy scouts then he has to purchase a new uniform. The tabs the boys and adults have now make a lot more scents. Uniforms are a very expensive purchase for parents. To me if our boy were to go out in pubic they would think we were all Pizza Hut employees. Sorry......... just call me old fashion.
  7. 1Vigil

    2010 Activities

    I think this is a great idea. In the opening ceremonies I saw several scouts (Girl & Boy Scouts). I like the band idea. If each council had two or three boys. That would make up a good size band. I know I have some boys that would love to try out for it. You could do the same thing for the float too. Have so many boys from each council apply to work on the float. I remember going to Philmont in 1978 or 1980 and they had a special patch to help raise money for the Olympics. If a scout wanted to donate $2.00 then you got a special patch for it. You could sell these patches to help raise money within your council level. I just wonder what the Rose Parade Committee rules apply. I am sure they have a lot of restrictions. Will have to go check it out. Maybe"kb6jra" can give us more info as he lives in Souther Cal. GREAT IDEA "troutmaster".
  8. 1Vigil

    A Skit and a Song

    Thanks for sharing the skits. I love them. I never thought of looking on You Tube. It made a great Christmas gift for us !!! Now I am going back to watch more. HA HA
  9. 1Vigil

    Honor Guard

    I have never been so proud our our boys in the troop as much as I have the boys that are in our Honor Guard Unit. That is why we call it the "HONOR GUARD". I make a big deal when the boys post the colors and take the time to dress the colors before leaving the flags. For those who don`t know what I mean is. When they post the colors. They take the time and make sure the flag is hanging just right. The eagle on top of the staff is pointing to the audience. The tassels are just right too. It show a lot of respect. Gold Winger you should be proud as I can tell you still have your uniform to look at. I am going to see how I can get some photos to show. Would love to see others posted here as well.
  10. 1Vigil

    Honor Guard

    CNYScouter, those are great links to your manuel. I have only seen one sea scout unit since I have been in scouting 33 years. You just gave me a great idea to follow behind your manuel. I think I will make one for our troop honor guard. I am in the publishing business so I can print just about anything. I think having a manuel will make it concrete and if the new boys need to study it would come in handy. GREAT HELP !!! THANKS
  11. Joni4TA, your menu isn`t too far from what we take on the Appalachian Trail. I like to toss in a treat in between meals while we hike. Like Cracker Jacks, Slim Jim or even some gummy bears. At Philmont they prepare your meals to intake 3200 Calories a day. One of the meals I like when I take the boys to the AT isa Chief Boyardee Spaghetti mix in a box. All you need is a gallon coffee can. Boil your water. Place your sauce in the hot water while you cook your spaghetti. When your spaghetti is done. Drain your water and poor your sauce over your spaghetti. It will feed at least four people. I even like to take garlic bread too. Too keep from having to clean a lot of bowls............ I take Chinet paper bowls. You eat your meal and then burn the bowl in the campfire. Just make sure the boys don`t have food in there bowls. In most cases the food won`t burn and it will draw animals.
  12. 1Vigil

    My First Campout in 10 years

    Mapper.......... I glad you came back to camp with the troop. I have a tipi too and have camped in single digit weather. We just kept a very small fire inside. You can almost sleep on top of your sleeping bag. I said almost. Ha Ha. We had a lot of snow out side that day and piled it up around the tipi as the wind was blowing rather strong. Are you planning on going camping with the troop again soon or was this just a visit? Which ever it is. Its great to see you back with the boys again.
  13. 1Vigil

    Honor Guard

    Great Website. Yeah........ the ex VETS are always looking for someone that can sound off taps at funerals. We had one boy several years ago that played taps for the military. I had our bugler last year play in our Adult apprecation baquet. We retired the color after we played taps for a retired scoutmaster that had been killed. It was very touching. They have now come out with the electronic bugles. You don`t even have to know how to play it to use one. But it is still not like the real thing. Thanks for passing on this website. I haven`t seen it yet.
  14. 1Vigil

    Anybody here own a pocket rocket?

    OGE I see were this stove would be good on a river trip. Camping on a river bank. As far as using this on a camp out. As long as you use it in a fire ring. I use something just about like that to start my Bar BQ grill at home on. You can buy one at Wal-Mart for about $5.00. Its a charcoal starter. And it works great. I might buy one of these myself. I would use it only around my locale area. Philmont, Northern Tiers or the Appalachain Trail I would use it. To many issues to deal with. Now if I was camping just by myself or with a couple of friends. Were I wouldn`t be in a hurry. This would be a lot of fun to cook on. Here is one that I found online. http://www.surlatable.com/product/id/130782.do A little bit higher than $5.00. It is a heavier gauge metal too. THEY BURN VERY HOT !
  15. 1Vigil

    Honor Guard

    Hey its great that you two replied to my thread. We too trained with several military branches. We started out with our local Nationa Guard unit. Then moved on to an honor unit in another town that did the silent drills which were NO.1 in the state of Missouri. They have also march in the parades whit an Honor Marine drill team. The boys really look up to these men with a lot of respect. Which its all about. They only have to tell them one time and its in memory. Myself........... I was never in the military. I also feels its my way as well to show my respect to our vets and soldiers and our country. Now more than ever. I love the idea about dressing up the boys in the 1910 uniforms for the 100th anniversary coming up. I wonder wear I can get a pattern to make the uniforms. Any clues? As far as rifles. That is a real NO NO. We talk about in our team meeting about how many people in our community don`t know the proper way to display the flag. Our troop also sells contract to play flags out in our community on holidays. Man............... the town looks soooooo nice. It makes you proud and is a good PR for the troop as well. Our next venture coming up is our Council Court of Honor for our Eagle Scouts held at the local Universtiy. Several of our new boys on the team will be doing the ceremory as our first team will be getting there eagle award. Plus the TV crew will be right in there face as they parade right in from of them. But this again is what it is all about.