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    Troop acconting program

    I didn't get that it was a dues type system at all. It functioned like MS Money to me. Also you can take your statements and just print them to a PDF and then email them. A little more work but not unreasonalbe.
  2. imasoonerfan

    Troop acconting program

    I 'functioned' as the treasurer beore becoming the CC and I loved TL. I never had any issues with Scout Accounts.
  3. imasoonerfan

    Proper Campsite Attire

    "As another suggested, maybe he should move to a Comm position so he doesn't have to go on camping trips anymore." Since when does the committee not camp or the ASMs are required to do so? the last time I checked if you are reqistered and have taken YP 'a camping we will go'!
  4. imasoonerfan

    Training needed to take Webelos camping ?

    "One of our webelos leaders does not want to take IOLS because he says he has to then take it again if he helps as a ASM in another year." Are they both the same training? Or is one IOLS and the other is OWLS? If they are both the same he should not need to repeat it. I also agree that the first three years of Cub training could be one class and the Webelos is a seperate class. There are some changes coming with the 2010 program and training is one. Our new books are on order (my wife is the District Training Chairman) but I have not seen them yet.(This message has been edited by imasoonerfan)
  5. imasoonerfan

    Training needed to take Webelos camping ?

    Our council does IOLS and WELOTS (OWLS) as a combined course with a few breakout sessions. EXAMPLE: When wood tools is taught the IOLS p'pants do an axe yard and the WELOTS p'pants learn the whittling chip. They arrive at the same time on Friday and depart at the same time on Sunday. It is run to immulate a Webelos Den visiting a Boy Scout Troop on a weekend campout. The only issue I have with it is that you have to take WELOTS to be trained to take your Webelos den camping (Council requirement) and then you have to come back on a seperate weekend to to take IOLS to be a trained ASM or SM. But overall both are good courses.(This message has been edited by imasoonerfan)
  6. imasoonerfan

    Doing requirements concurrently??

    Are you asking if he can count rank requirement towards merit badges? That is just a can of worms. If so see this: http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=221510 Or go to the top-right of the page and search double dipping and read to your heart's content.
  7. imasoonerfan

    cooking rule question

    I just looked through the BALOO syllabus and WELOTS syllabus and both are pretty vague on cooking other than to keep it simple. There are no restrictions on Dutch ovens listed. I think the biggest concern is the weight. No one really wants a 9-10 yr old swinging a 300 degree lid around that he cannot support. I think that under good supervision it is fine. Ours have done it in the past and will again at the next campout.
  8. imasoonerfan

    Rank pins? Where and how?

    Sorry they all look alike when you need new glasses!
  9. imasoonerfan

    Rank pins? Where and how?

    We have the Scouts give them to their 'parent' as a gift for supporting them. Typically the Mom's wear them on a ribbon. Some moms wear a ribbon similar to this: http://www.mothers-pride.com/
  10. imasoonerfan

    Apathy Issues

    I think moosetracker is dead on. Our main issue is new parents. They don't see the program as something that important and have an apathetic attitude and the trickles down to their Scouts. I have tried and tried again for the last two years to get parents of new Scouts involved and have come up with squat. I am not new at this either. I have sent emails, made phone calls and corenered people at events and still they will not budge. I am not sure what more we can do short of holding their TV remotes ransom. I have taksed the parents with finding out from their kids what it is THEY want to do and then asking their kids to go to the SPL and myself (I am the CC)and passing it on so we can pass it on. The planning will be pushed back into their laps and then they are the responsible party. If it fails they have no one to blame but themselves.
  11. imasoonerfan

    Gold Award gift ideas?

    If you could possibly find a challenge coin like the Boy Scout rank coins that would seem appropriate. I looked on Google but could not find any. Oh I like your reply above as well!
  12. imasoonerfan

    Apathy Issues

    The issue seems to be around anything outside of troop meetings and campouts. But the campout turnout has been lower than normal lately. It mainly centers around service projects. They get scheduled and planned and only 2 Scouts volunteer and the thing gets cancelled. That is very frustrating. Also the amount of adults willing to help has dropped off. It feels like we have 7-8 core people doing everything lately. I have personally asked people to help and no one seems willing to volunteer.
  13. imasoonerfan

    Apathy Issues

    I have a question about an issue that I am sure most units have experienced at one point or another. Recently we have been battling apathy with both Scouts and parents. Over the last two years we have had three adults volunteer to help with the Troop and we have had 30+ Scouts cross to the Troop. We are also experiencing very low turnout on our service projects. Recently we had a Scout complete his Eagle project and only 4-5 Scouts showed to help over a two day period. 4-5 out of 64! In my mind that is pathetic. Sorry but I just call it like I see it. It seems like they just dont care. I realize that people have lives outside of Scouting. All three of my kids are in Scouting, sports, school programs and I can keep going but we make time for the extra things. How have you battled this issue? Is there a way? Am I overreacting?
  14. imasoonerfan

    Cookie Dollars: whither?

    My daughter's Troop only gets 50 a box. :-/
  15. imasoonerfan

    Blue and Gold Banquet

    Have a cake decorating contest with categories the Cubs compete in. 100yrs of Scouting Most Patriotic Grossest looking Most realistic etc....