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  1. Ghosthost13

    out-there patrol names

    My Webelos 2 Den is now called "The Dynamic Duo" with the Bat Patrol patch. Den only has two boys. :-) Laura
  2. Ghosthost13

    Is Atheistism Gnosic?

    My parents are Atheists. If you want an understanding of Atheists , I suggest you check out The Freedom From Religion Website. By the way, this is not my plug For Atheists-just informatation so people on this thread have an understanding on what they are believe. I am not an Atheist & I do respect everyone's beliefs systems. Laura
  3. Ghosthost13


    Ha Ha ha ha ha!
  4. Ghosthost13

    Camp KIKTHAWENUND need info.

    Hi CubsRgr8, When I use the link you gave, it tells me that the page cannot be found.
  5. Ghosthost13

    Wounded Scouter

    How terrible! Please keep us posted on his condition. Best wishes to him & his family.
  6. Ghosthost13

    Cub Scout crafts

    At the makingfriends.com website isn't that site to purchase craft kits? Not free info?
  7. Ghosthost13

    Den ceremonies

    Hi, Its never too late for great ideas! Thanks alot for all of the info!
  8. Ghosthost13

    Camp KIKTHAWENUND need info.

    Hi, If anyone is knowlegable about summer camp, at camp kikthawenund, located in Indiana. This is the first year that my Bear Den attends this camp. So all of us "newbies" would be grateful for any information.
  9. Ghosthost13

    Cub Scout crafts

    I just wanted to share these neat craft ideas for Cub Scouts: http://www.kidsdomain.com/craft/_cub.html http://www.e-scoutcraft.com/toc_text.html http://www.rockhoppers.net/scouts/clevedon/cubs/cubcrafts.html http://childparenting.about.com/library/weekly/aa081398.htm?rnk=r5&terms=crafts'>http://childparenting.about.com/library/weekly/aa081398.htm?rnk=r5&terms=crafts http://childparenting.about.com/library/weekly/aa081398.htm?rnk=r5&terms=crafts http://girlscouting.com/arts_and_crafts_page.htm
  10. Ghosthost13

    Am I missing anything in my bear den program?

    Thanks for the info!!
  11. Ghosthost13

    Blue & Gold Banquet

    Hi, This is what my pack does-we have monthly den leaders meetings-this is where we start discusion about blue & gold. This is where we determine who is responsible for what. So there is no one individual who is responsible for everything. Do we want it catered? Do we want a pitch in? This choice is easily determined by our pack budget, how well we did with our popcorn sale. We decided this year to have a pitch in dinner. The pack will purchase the main course & drinks-scout families will provide a side dish & dessert. We are forunate that we are located near a BSA camp. We rent their banquet hall for blue & gold. Regarding awards: We only give out rank advancement awards at the blue & gold banquet. As far as a theme goes we use that months theme of the cub scout calendar. Then we instruct each Den to make a center piece or any other decorations for their table. These links below have great ideas for blue & gold! http://www.kidsdomain.com/craft/_bluegold.html http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/9152/blue-and-gold.html http://www.craftideas.com/craftCommunity/121/ http://www.pack3782.com/blueandgold.php#DECORATION http://members.tripod.com/CubBobwhite/themes/bluegold.htm Hope this helps!
  12. Ghosthost13

    Am I missing anything in my bear den program?

    Hi Katrina, What kind of feedback are you getting from your parents? Why are they not doing their part? What do your Den boys say? Just curious. Laura
  13. Ghosthost13

    Am I missing anything in my bear den program?

    Hi kittle, Here are some suggestions: First take the bull by the horns You will be surprised how things come together! My assistant den leader & I always schedule a monthly meeting to plan each den meeting month. We sometimes meet at a local food place or one of our homes. We both are requred to bring the following search info-games-opening & closing cerermonies-field trips-what acievements can we do in the den? From there we vote on what seems to be the most fun. I always tell the parents of my den boys - Please share your ideas! suggestions for anything in the den! tell me! You never know where a great idea may come from. At the start of this year, I gave each boy a folder, with the following info-Den leader & Assistant leader contact info- address- phone-cell phone-also the same for reaching our cub master & everyone on our commitee. A complete roster of all the boys in the den with their contact info. Directions to the local scout shop, address, phone number. I copied all the beltloop & pin requirements for this folder. I also put in plastic baseball card sheets which are perfect for holding the cub scout cards that come with their awards. I require this folder to be brought to each meeting. Any new info updates get placed in this folder. I keep a "mystery box" That I bring to all den meetings. I have little candies or little toys in this box. Every boy at the end of each meeting may get something out of the mystery box if they do the following at the meeting: Wear uniform - Bring bear book- bring folder-bring den dues-parent sign off on a achievement-behave properly. I am surprised that your boys are not interested in the awards. Do they have patch vests? Do they see other scouts with their vests covered with patches? That was the best motivator for my boys. I make a big deal about working hard to earn something - I let the know how proud I am when they do. As far as your parents go - I have that same problem with 3 of my parents. (I have 8 boys total in my den.) Last month I asked the parents to stay after the den meeting for a discusion. This is the short & sweet version of what I told them. I asked if anyone was having difficulty in understanding how the den program works because I had noticed that some boys had nothing marked off in their books. I explained when you look at the bear book you will see that most of the activities are for the scout & parent to do. Anything (acievements)we may cover in the den is a bonus. I also explained how important the parent roll in scounting is-because they make the pack & den go as well as grow. I also bring to each den meeting a poster that I purchased from the scout store- it shows the progress of each boy working towards the bear badge. They enjoy being able to put a sticker on this poster when they complete an achievement. I also ask the boys each month what sort of activities they wish to do, & incorporate that into the den meeting as well. When all else fails, make it fun!! Have a good evening!
  14. Ghosthost13

    Am I missing anything in my bear den program?

    Thanks to all, I agree with you - sctmom, mschwartz & NJCubScouter, I appreciate your comments. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything. Your comments were helpful.
  15. Ghosthost13

    Am I missing anything in my bear den program?

    Hi, I do not make patches & awards the main focus-my main driving force is for the den to have fun. To learn things while having a great time! But I believe in a reward for a job well done-or a patch to remember a special event. I agree the patches from the scout store are very expensive. What my pack does is order patches from other online patch stores such as Patchsales.com. This is of course, for patches outside the mandatory Cub Scout patches. I have a patch awards in my Den, such as for Honor Roll, uniform award, its fun for all, those surprise uniform inspections. What I am trying to find out, first am I missing anything from my Bear program-because my boys love to earn things, who doesn't? I would like to compile a list of outside patch programs that the boy's & their families may wish to participate in.