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  1. Okay, I have already admitted to being new at this with my questions about the Blue & Gold Dinner. Thanks to everyone who has responded. This now brings up two more questions. 1)When should our Tiger Cubs be ready to earn their badge and start working on the Bobcat badge? Our leader and I were under the impression that we should be done w/Tiger requirements by the B&G, now we are being told no, they should wait until the spring because we won't have anything to work towards for the rest of the year. 2)Is the Bobcat still a rank? Again, we are being told that the Bobcat is nothing. (Wouldn't it make sense to start working on Bobcat requirements after B&G so that when they enter 2nd grade, they can start working on Wolf?) This makes no sense to us and we are totally confused. I know my questions regarding the B&G Dinner and the advancement of Tiger Cubs are ridiculous, but I honestly don't know if our pack really knows the right way. Then, along come our Tiger Cub Den Leader and myself, and we expect to do things the right way. See why we are so confused? Thanks again for all of your advise and most especially, your knowledge.
  2. Help! My son is a Tiger Cub and our Den Leader and I are trying to organize the Blue & Gold Dinner. Our understanding is that in the past, our Blue & Gold has not been too well organized or just one person has had the entire responsibility. Is there anyone out there who can give us some ideas? We realize that setting up committees is probably a good place to start, but we need ideas for themes, centerpieces, how the awards work, etc. We are going to discuss this with our pack leader, but we feel that we are pretty much going to be responsible for the whole thing. If you know of any websites (I couldn't find anything) or have any of your own ideas, it would be great. Thanks to everyone who responds!
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