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  1. I think my mind has been changed by Moosetracker & Irsap. I going to talk to my son and go visit some other troops. I know of one that will except my son and I with open arms.
  2. My Son is 12 years old. I have always been in nontraditional positions in my life. I went into engineering and was the only female student in my engineering program in college and I felt excepted. I was hired in an all male office and no one objected. This is the first time I was told I could not do something based strictly on my gender. It really annoys me that people still have the archaic beliefs. I will let it go. But I will miss the camping.
  3. I have been an active BSA member. I am currently a Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner for my district. I moved my son to a troop that was highly recommended and closer to our home. When I said I would be camping at the next campout I was told that I could not come because I was a woman. When I explained that I had extensive training (Woodbadge training & beads, Scoutmaster indoor & outdoor training, Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot Award, District Award of Merit and many more.) they told me that it did not matter what training I received. The Charter Organization (First Baptist C
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