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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I will go with that placement as it makes sense to me too to go the "old" way. As for trained strip any opinions on Red/Tan or Green/Tan?
  2. I am wondering if on the new Boy Scout/Male Leader Short-sleeve Polyester/Wool Uniform Shirt the proper insignia placement for the left sleeve is that of the Centennial Uniform shirt or of the previous ODL shirt? The reason I ask is that although the shirt is new and post Centennial Uniform, it does not have a pocket on the left sleeve. My question is specific to Commissioner insignia. On the Centennial shirt it goes top to bottom - Council Strip, arrowhead award touching CSP, trained (Green/Tan) on pocket flap, and POR on pocket. On the old uniform the proper placement is top to bottom - Coun
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