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    A real Flag??

    The flag patch on our shirts may not be a "real" flag, but it is a represintation of it. When saluting the flag during the national anthem, and no flag is visible, we salute the direction the anthem is coming from. This is not the flag, but a represintation. Yarrow, please find other things to occupy your time with than attacking the flag, or represintations of any symbol of this great country of ours. Tim Dyer
  2. As far as I know, It has not been discontinued. My den earned this in Nov./Dec. Another good award to offer the boys is the United States Heritage Award. 8 requirements and they earn a medal and/or a patch. You can find the info at www.nationstrails.com go to the awards section and look at the silver award (ages6-10) Good luck. Tim Dyer
  3. tdyer56

    Tiger Cubs

    Yes, Peel and stick. I found that the sticky back actually helps hold it onto the shirt while sewing it on. And yesy it eventually washes off, without damaging the shirt. Tim Dyer
  4. Absolutely ask what they expect. Then go through training. The UC SHOULD be a person that is a real resource. Able to help spot troubles in a unit and help the leaders think of ways to repair and prevent it. I would not suggest being the UC for your particular pack. Sometimes you may be a bit biased. I do wish you luck and say go for it. Stick to your guns and be pasionate about the program. Tim Dyer Former UC & CSRT Commish.
  5. No, the DC has not EVER been trained. They don't care about training. That was their words, not mine. I am a little unsure how they got into this position without it. Our old DE made the choice himself, without a nominating committee. May problems have come to light because of my stand. I know that in the end I will "win the war". I have already been asked to help on a council event that is 2 years in the making. Instead of souring me on scouting, they have made me stronger. I have made the choice that everytime they turn around, I'll be there. In force, with my energy and passion for the program. Thanks to all for your input. YIS, Tim Dyer Den Leader
  6. Here is the latest. I regreatfully announce that I have resigned as both RT commissioner and Unit Commissioner. I could not convince the new DC to let me have a shot doing RTs the right way, nor could I agree to do it wrong. I stepped down as Unit Commissioner because I could not encourage units to go to a RT that I cannot support. As well as, I obviuosly can't work well with this DC since I would like to do things right and they want it their way. Thanks to all for their support. To Bob, thanks. The training I have recieved has made me a stronger leader. I know were to go and how to get many new resources. I am going to make the unit I serve be the best one in the district and council. Because of the stand I have taken, I have already begun to be asked to assist with district and council events. YIS, Tim Dyer Den Leader & Asst. CM
  7. Where would I find a complete job discription for the DC? My DC is not doing their job properly, and I would like a reference to show. I hope that by doing this, things will get better. Tim Dyer
  8. Does anyone know how or if a District Commissioner can be removed? Can it only be done by the DE? Where can I find the Job Discription of the DC? Tim Dyer
  9. Okay, update time. I sent an e-mail to the DC telling them that I was moving the CSRT back to the original night. I then sent an e-mail to the old DE to forward to the units stating the change and what they could expect from myself and my RT staff. The old DE called the DC to ask if he should send it out (since it was a change and did not come from the DC) He was told not to send it out. I then got a call from the DC. They were furious. I was told that I had no athority to change the RT format they came up with or to change anything for that matter. When I was asked why I changed my mind from agreeing to do it there way in the beginning, I told them "I went through training." The reponse....ready for this? "I don't care about your training." I think you will all be happy to know that I did take a stand. I informed them that I would do it my way, the way I was trained, the correct way, or I would not do it at all. So as of right now, I am no longer a CSRT Commissioner. Since that phone call. I placed one call to the right person, and now, people all over the Disrtict and Upper level of my council are in an uproar. I have more support than I ever imagined. I did this for 2 reasons: 1. I grew up in Scouting and belive in the program. It works. And 2. I was only going to do what was tuaght to me through training, which is the same training tought on the national level. So that is the just of it. Advice as to were to go now? Tim Dyer Former CSRT Commissioner(This message has been edited by tdyer56)
  10. 1. When I first started posting on this site, I would actually get mad at Bob for replying to everything I asked or stated. But I thought I knew everything at that point. Since then, I have had mucho training, and now a Commissioner. I now look forward to his knowledge. And he has helped me out quite a bit. 2. I often see posts asking for advice. In fact I am asking and getting advice about Roundtables. So, If someone only see what they want to see, then yes. Bob is attacked alot and no not many people do ask for advice. It all goes with your point of view. Thanks a million BobWhite, Tim Dyer
  11. And let's not forget that one large key to having a successful pack is parent involvement. Make opportuniies for them to participate in cerimonies, work on events, and anything else they can...even if not registered. Then get'em registered. Tim Dyer
  12. In my council, we were told that it was not necassary at this time to have the SSN. That is for a national database that has yet to be set up. Even then, it will not be given out to anyone. Tim Dyer
  13. For those individuals that are involved in both levels of scouting, I would suggest that the other leaders that attend share the info. KISMIF. Kepp it secret, Make it fail. The information discussed at roundtable should be shared with all leaders to make it effective. If someone feels as if they are missing out, then that seems to be a problem within that unit. Tim Dyer
  14. Okay, Let me explain the situation. I am newly appointed as the Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner by the DE and DC. Attendance was low at the roundtables due to lack of the fun factor. (I attended and that was my perception.) To increase attendance, the DC has combined the Boy and Cub roundtables. It will consist of the following: 15 minutes......Opening and Business 30 minutes......Cub and Boy Breakouts 10 minutes......Closing and Misc. I was told no crafts and no songs. Units have been appointed to do the breakout sessions. My problem is...I don't agree with this nor can't do something that I don't believe in. I went through Roundtable Commissioner training (the DC has not). This style they they are trying to implement goes against everything I learned. I don't mind having the roundtables on the same night at the same place. Even a bit of common business is fine. But from the opening to the closing, the two programs are completely different and deserve their own formats and meetings. Cub Scout roundtable should be a place the leaders want to come for new ideas they can't find anywhere else. That includes crafts. As far as breakout sessions, I think the crafts should be done there, that way the Cubmaster is not stuck doing them. I also want upbeat songs. I am a motivator and can pass that along. Just by changing the RT Commissioner, you may change the way it is run. I just can't do it they way that they are wanting with the knowlege about the way it should be. I could use any advice on this. Thanks, Tim Dyer
  15. Does anyone remember when the Cub Scouts all wore the same Blue Cap with the Cub emblem on the front and yellow ribbing on it? And also they ALL wore a yellow neckerchief. I think that looked good, but understand and agree with the updating of the two. Instead of trying to make a new neckerchief, we are going to focus on working together as a den and have as much FUN as possible. If you really look at it, it's not about the color of your hat and neckerchief; but the fun you have and leasons you learn. My son was excited to get his Wolf neckerchief. Besides, we will have much fun thinking of slides to make. Tim Dyer
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