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  1. OLD GREY_ mind you, none of my boys are 'bad' but i know where you were going with that. I don't feel that i test them, I just want to make sure the boys are earning their rank and actually know this stuff and not being passed through an advancement factory. Its funny because when I first came back to my troop they weren't winning, heck they weren't even competing in the district camporee games...now they are taking first and second place in almost every category. This is building their teamwork, pride, communication, leadership, trust. So, it has been my experience that if you teach the bo
  2. I forgot to add that Im not new to scouting as I said I was in scouts as a youth. Earned my Eagle. Served at 3 different camps across the country...not going into my resume. But when I taught my 'students' at camp and my boys in the troop, I know they know there stuff. If we are just signing boys off and, as SM or even ASM's how do we know that the boys are actually earning their rank. They say its easier to get an Eagle now a days and I can see why. My camp director told us each year that 'we are not a merit badge factory'. So if we are not to 'test' them then why is it called a board of rev
  3. Im a newly appointed assistant scoutmaster and one of the boys came to me last week asking for a SM conference. Now when iwas a boy these were a time when the scoutmaster could have a one on one with the boy find out how he is doing and to ensure that he is learning. But I read on one post here that this is not to be a test nor shall the board of review be a test? Then A. why do we call it a board of review? B. How do we know that the boys are really learning the things the should be toward advancement? ( For example, I had a Life scout who did not know how to tie a a two half hitch!!!) and C.
  4. AH HA I know what it is....its the trolley walk game. Where the boys stand on 2x4s with the ropes attached and have to walk through a course.
  5. " By the sounds of the flyer, I bet it has something to do with downhill skiing (swish, swish, swish). What do you suppose the other events are, i.e., A yetis breakfast delight, Tug-o-warm, Wheres Ralph, Sparkys swing? Sounds exciting!" These are all my guesses: Tud-o-warm = tug-0-war Yeti's breakfast = pancake toss Where's ralph? = memory Sparky's swing = some sort of COPE low ropes initiative. by the way, say hi to all my friends in MVC and at WTSR...from your Tower Guy, Luke Palmer
  6. I contacted the Camporee chair and he wont give out any of his secrets. I asked him whaat aspect of scouting it might have to deal with and has not responded...sounded to me like it might deal with orienteering in the everglades..."swish, swish, swish"
  7. I am attending our district camporee this weekend and was wondering if anyone has ever heard of the game entitled "swish, swish, swish". Now i must say I have been involved with scouts for 15 years, and have never heard of this game before. Or maybe someone out there has a better idea of the area of scouting it might deal with? ANy help would be greatly appreciated
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