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Planning for Roundtable Agenda and Activities

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  • Planning for Roundtable Agenda and Activities

    As a nascent Boy Scout Roundtable Commisher, I'd be interested to hear how YOUR Scout Roundtable runs? Is there a regular agenda? Is it up to the whim of the RTC? Do you ask for suggestions of discussion topics? Demos? Guest presenters? Do folks come expecting to be "wowed" or expecting to be slumberfied?


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    My only suggestion is be a facilitator and not a professor. Our roundtables are horrible. Half of us only go because we know there's an after-meeting with golden foamy liquids. But, we are slowly working with the commissioner to improve.


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      Seldom go. Got tired very quickly of hearing announcements for 30 minutes. (Put it on paper - We'll read it when you're talking about something we don't need to know!)

      Our RTC does a good job of eMailing topics, so that you can decide if you really should make time for an upcoming RT. Since I know that he is trying to respect my time, I try to make good topics, or send a substitute.

      Having a few designated 'ambassadors' to make sure that the new faces get pulled into the 'Good Ole Boy's' conversations might help you see those faces again.


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        If you do introductions.....Limit it to Name and unit number......Do not include scouting positions........My favorite scouter's goes something like this.......Scoutmaster troop 123 Cub Master 123 Webelos den leader, District Advancement Chair, Scoutmaster for IOLS Fall session, Unit commisioner for unit 234, 345, 456.....Dean of Scout university.....Well you get the idea...... My first thought is there is no way he can even begin to do have of those jobs very well. With that said, the RTC then does the who has scout sock check.

        Announcements at ours go 30 minutes as well then break for coffee and cookies...then 20 minutes for a program.


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          I find at the Cub Scout Roundtable, positions are useful. Not because it really matters all that much, but the Den Leaders cajoled into going like knowing that there are other Den Leaders there and not just Cubmaster/Committee Chairs there. As the Boy Scout level, I'm guessing it's pretty useless, because either you're a Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster, or someone on the committee, the specificity doesn't really impact it as much.

          But I'd cap everyone at their highest (and therefore official) position.

          I'm not a monarch with 12 titles, just a volunteer that works hard for the boys.

          I really like Roundtable. In the beginning, I got a lot of information. Now I like seeing people every month to swap war stories and help the newbies.


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            I have not found ours to be as useful as they could be. They are not well-attended and the information is lacking. Our district is actively working on improving them by offering more and better content with multiple break outs for different roles and identifying leaders in the district who represent successful practices for topics like popcorn, recruitment, camping and unit management.rather than relying on the same tired souls to do the same tired presentations. It's enough that I will give it another go.


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              Limit announcements... (our church does "silent announcements" as a printed bulletin)...Topic breakouts... Cookies... Never thought about intros, might do that...

              Thanks for all the input...... Any more????


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                Our RTC is great. She would really make a good CM, full of positive energy. She does a great job of pulling together an agenda and pulls from others in the district.
                I don't recall introductions for attendees every time. I haven't been but a few times..... maybe we did that once.
                anyway, that seems like it would eat too much time. Our RTC keeps it short and to the point.
                She has a nice system of checking in with a file of name tags. She can tell from that who attends and then those folks get an email copy of all of the announcements and lots of other stuff that she pulls together for the month. If you don't go you don't get the email...... good, but bad because I often can't make it not because I don't want to but due to my wife's work schedule.


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                  Awrighty,,,, any more??? Inquiring minds want to be informed....


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                    I find the round tables to be helpful. It gives me a chance to learn from the other leaders about what has worked for them with various issues. I tried to share my ideas as well with those that attend. I also find the overview of the council events to be helpful if there was a change that was made or an event that has been moved.


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                      Our RT meetings last an hour. Cub Scout leaders sit at one table, Boy Scout leaders at another. We start with introductions (sometimes) and announcements, which never last very long. Then the Cub Scout leaders and Boy Scout leaders have their own breakout session with a topic to discuss. The topic is usually led by an assigned person and then discussion ensues. The RTC asks for ideas for upcoming topics from the leaders. This is only my 2nd year of attending RT's regularly. The topics are usually of interest to me, and I like finding out what other packs are up to, so I enjoy going. The information and ideas that come out at the meetings have made me a better leader.