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  • Ticket help

    I'm trying to sort out details for my 5th ticket item. I have 4 solid ideas that should work well. As for the 5th it's a great concept but I have researched as far as I can and hit nothing but dead ends on how to accomplish it. There is nothing set up with in my pack for the boys to earn thier religious emblems and I was hoping to get that going as a ticket item. As much as I try I can not get a solid answer on the "How" I've heard the term Religious Emblems Coordinater but have never met one. I've researched how the boys can earn them, I know where to order the materials for the boys. I just can't seem to find any offical channels in scouting to get more information on how to proceed. To be honest I may be over thinking this and may have to go in another direction. Three of my ticket items deal with LNT, and the fourth to construct a web site for the pack. ANy imput or guidance would be great

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    What is your over all vision? All your tickets should be incrimental goals to get you to your vision for the troop, in regards to what your position can do for your troop.

    Just wondering the jump from LNT to web site to religious emblems.. Almost sounds like the old way when I did woodbadge when each and every ticket was a mini project in itself..

    So if your vision is Seeing the image in your mind of your troop being very proficent in LNT then the website & religious emblems does not work into the incrimental goals, unless the website has alot of LNT info on it. But, then the religious emblems still don't fit.


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      If the "plan would be lead a series of presentations" and Create opportunities for Cubs to experience what it would take to earn the religious emblem...." then that's a ticket. This is a "plan" not a fixed goal of earning it.
      The family or the pastor of that faith would do he heavy lifting.

      You cannot hang a ticket on an activity you don't control.

      You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. i.e. anyone going beyond your "plan" and earning an award.

      The religious emblems have a program based on several different faiths. Info is availed from the Scout office in your council.


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        You will not find a very decisive or definant answer on religious emblems with BSA.

        At least not the answer you are looking for.

        The religious emblem is only that: an emblem that BSA lets you wear on your uniform in recognition of an award earned outside of scouting.

        And it is just that: an outside award.

        BSA does not have a religious award itself, but does allow scouts to wear a knot or ribbon/medal thingy to show they have earned one in their religion.

        So, what you can do is gather info and requirements from each of the religions in your area ( or ones likely to be earned by your scouts) and list them in a book or manual you create .

        You could list the religions, the name of the corrisponding award, and what that particular religion requires to earn it.

        Then list the names of the person at the church who handles for that church.

        Kinda like a catalog or even a tour guide.

        That's about all you can do besides encourage the scouts to participate.


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          "I will encourage the Scouts in my troop to earn their religious awards.I will produce a pack resource that describes how to do this, including the contact information for religious leaders who are willing to be counselors. I will make this form available at a pack meeting, I will put it out on our pack website, and I will email it to the families in the pack.I will ask at least five religious leaders if they would be willing to be listed as contacts for this form.I will purchase materials for several religious awards and have them available in the pack library.I will make a presentation at a pack meeting on this topic. I will show them the knot and medal they can earn. I will talk to the parents about how the program works.I will ask the religious leaders if they would be willing to accompany me at this presentation.I will work to set up a class for Scouts who want to earn their religious award. I will start with my son and with the religious leaders at our church. I will ask religious leaders to do this class, either until I have succeeded, or until at least five leaders have turned me down."


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            Oak Tree has the idea. Your goal isn't for the boys to earn the awards, but to provide a program which will allow them the opportunity to earn it.

            Have you been to They're the folks who manage the Religious Emblem program for a number of denominations. There are a number of resources there which can give you some idea for both promoting the emblems, including the information on the new coordinator's position.


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              I have a really nice booklet about the Religious Awards
              Program from the National Jamboree Chaplain Corps, but it is not available online, so PM me and I can copy it to you.

              Define your ticket such that you can actually claim accomplishment . Don't make it too precise. See Oak Tree's example.

              Ustabean Owl...


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                Thank you all for the information!


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                  One really cool thing that I saw was a display case of all of the religious awards, the scouter who made it offerred anyone in our district to contact him and make arrangements to use the display in their own presentation.

                  You might only be able to put together a smaller collection, but the boys would have fun seeing it.

                  so what if it doesn't relate to your LNT goals? Maybe your vision is tHat your pack have knowledge of the variety of programs related to the BSA.


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                    Nexus, have you been to weekend one of Wood Badge yet?

                    If not, I suggest you are premature in planning your ticket. You will learn a lot in the first weekend, and you may find your vision and goals change. Go in without any preconceived ideas!

                    Good luck!


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                      Second Class, Yes I have been to weekend one and weekend 2 begins this friday. As for my vision, it is as it were to offer the scouts in my pack more oppertunities to learn what it means to be a scout. My ticket items flow along this line, LNT being a core value in outdoor activities in scouting. Faith being one of the tenants of scouting I feel it important to offer the scouts the oppertunity to explore thier faith. As for the website, there is no better way that I can think of to convey information, events and upcoming service oppertunities then a pack website that will allow the scouts access to the info at the click of a mouse...rather than a paper hand out that will likley be lost. Lets not forget paperless saves trees. I'm fairly sure, that it all flows together with my over all vision. Any who, thank you again every one for the information, it has been extremly helpful in getting my final ticket item down on paper.


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                        What about the parents that don't have internet access?????

                        We have a website, facebook page, email blast.....We have about 6 families that don't have web access.....

                        So we still have paper calendars and flyers.....interestingly most people still take the paper.....