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Girl Scouts coming out with candy bars

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  • Girl Scouts coming out with candy bars

    " got the exclusive news from the Girl Scouts that yes, Virginia, there IS a Thin Mints candy bar! But dont clear out pantry space for these chocolate goodies just yet. Turns out the average cookie monster wont be able to get their hands on the bars, described as "dark chocolate cookie wafers and mint chocolate creme, topped with airy crispies," for a few months.

    We are thrilled with the positive response to the Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bar, said Joshua Ackley, a spokesperson for the organization. The product photo is a retail sales sample and not available for sale at this time. Look forward to some very exciting news in June.

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    So could the boy scouts come out with a popcorn flavored candy bar and sell it????????

    I will say that we sold more gross $$$ than my daughters girl scout troop. Plus our profit margins are higher........


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      BSA nationally will NOT sell anything that can be construed as "candy." GSUSA threatened a lawsuit in the 1990s when the BSA was trying to come out with an energy bar, because it was to similar to candy.


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        So explain to me why the Girl scouts have cornered the market on fundraising selling candy and cookies????


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          I really think it would be activity appropriate for the Boy Scouts to have something like an energy bar or gorp to relates to the hiking and camping Boy Scouts are known for. This would be so much better than popcorn.

          A granola packed energy bar is not a Thin Mint cookie - no rational person could confuse. The Girl Scouts need to get over it!


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            I think it was 2008 Trails End came out with a Trail Mix for Venturing Crews to sell. As I remember it was pretty good stuff, The unfortunate part was that for even an accused unabashed BSAphile like me it was woefully and scandolously priced to the point of being embarassingly high


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              Girl Scout sister walked into the middle of our Troop meeting last night with a bunch of cookie boxes. Sold em all out.


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                GSUSA has NATIONAL product sales, using only NATIONALLY vetted and approved vendors, selling items that are trademarked by GSUSA NATIONAL.

                BSA has no NATIONAL product sales of any kind. All fundraising is left totally in the hands of the individual councils.


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                  When my son just started out as a tiger cub and for a few years after. We got our popcorn and candy fundraiser boxes.. Sold them door to door at the same time. We thought both came from council being newbies.. It was years later that it dawned on me the candybars were and add-on by the Pack. And selling them together so some went for the $1 candybar over the $5(or up) box of popcorn would be frowned upon by council.

                  It stopped a few years in.. Don't know if the pack stopped it, or Council did.


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                    Candy bars are the way to go!

                    Well, at least look at it in this light:

                    About 1/3 of the people you solicit just wantb a way out. They do not want/can not afford to spend money on your product.
                    So...some of them will give you that dollar or two dollars for the candy bar just so you will go away!Giving you a dollar is easier than having to say no.

                    Nobody is going to give you $16.00 to go away!


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                      What a juxtaposition, two youth members of the GSUSA coming up to a guy and saying, "hey little old man, want some candy?"


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                        now that is funny


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                          I buy a box of cookies from every Girls Scout that asks me.

                          I don't by any popcorn no matter who asks.

                          Why? Quality and cost of product.


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                            Girl Scouts make it easy too:

                            Buying a boy of thin mints? Costs you $3.50
                            Buying a box of Lemon cookies? Cost is $3.50
                            Gonna but a different flavor? Will cost you $3.50.

                            2 boxes any flavor - mix and match: $7.00
                            2 boxes any flavor - mix and match: $10.50

                            Popcorn - not so easy, this tinmy bag cost $16.00, the next size up costs you $25.00
                            Next size up costs you $35.00


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                              Girl Scout cookies here cost $4 per box.

                              Been there, done that, and know what a pain it is. So I will buy both popcorn and cookies from any Scout who actually asks me.