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How much did your top popcorn sellers net?

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  • How much did your top popcorn sellers net?

    My council recently published a list of the top popcorn salesmen by district. Having never been a huge salesman in my day (selling a few tins was a big deal), and being out of that part of the game nowadays, I was amazed by the amounts sold. Several of the top sellers hit just over $5,000 worth of popcorn, which blew my mind. But I was wondering - is that amount normal? high? low? compared to what others see?

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    Our council's top seller also hit just over $5,000.00

    The 2nd and 3rd place guys wre in the high $3,000.00's .

    I was totally blown away and impresssed when the highest cub in our pack hit $500.00 !


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      Our average was about $300 our top seller was $525.

      Our councils top seller last year had $60k. Unbelievable.

      We have a neighboring Pack that has a company owner that buys multiple thousands of dollars for gifts.


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        Our den top sellers made just over $600 and $700 respectively. 3rd and 4th place made just over $300.

        We are in a hard hit area, jobs are scarce and a lot of parents are out of work.
        that our boys sold over $10000 in popcorn altogether (show n sell included) made me very happy.


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          I'm Commissioner for a pack where a boy won the council's sales contest last year --- he sold about $4400 in popcorn and the family won a trip to Disneyland in addition to other sales prizes.

          I talked to the boy before the popcorn sale was over this year and he'd sold more than $7,000 in popcorn this year.

          We had this Scout and his Cubmaster father at our August Roundtable where they reviewed their sales methods, which were pretty analytical and well thought out.


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            Two sellers just over $1k, two other sellers over $600. It was our first year of popcorn and we feel we did very well.

            The huge dollar sellers are impressive, but I have to wonder at what point it becomes less about funding what the unit and scouts need and more about something else. We're supposed to be a youth activities group not a business.


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              Cub pack I commish:


              I just hand out the awards, I don't do any coaching....


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                When my son was in cubs I paid attention to this because he sold a lot of popcorn. For a few years he was the pack's top seller, coming in between 1500-2500 or so. All door to door, hardly any to relatives (who all live out of state). It was an ENORMOUS commitment of time to sell that much popcorn to strangers. Gotta admit, I was relieved to learn that most boy scout troops around here don't push the popcorn sales.

                District-wide and Council-wide, the top sellers were typically in the multiple 10s of thousands. Story is that most could sell via parents at work, often parents who work at HQ or at the main warehouses for major companies in the region.


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                  Heh, heh! Great story!

                  I imagine my guy was handicapped by taking that week long vacation to Disneyland during the popcorn sale...

                  Next year is coming though!

                  He went back and hit up the people se sold pocorn to last year. I imagine he will do that again with his larger sales base next year.

                  And he's a very charming kid. Home schooled.


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                    I talked to the Cub Scout who was last years council sales winner and his father today. One the bright side, they upped their popcorn sales from $4400 to $10,500 or so!

                    But they still took second place to a Scout in another district they beat out by $50 last year. That guy sold $11,000 odd dollars of popcorn this year!

                    He's already plotting his sales strategy for next year...