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Summit Bottle Souvenir?

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  • Summit Bottle Souvenir?

    Fund raising seemed appropriate...

    Anyone else receive the email offering from Buckskin Council to purchase the souvenir of the Summit Groundbreaking? It's a special serial numbered bottle full of dirt (sorry, only way to describe it).

    Soon to be listed in the "Buckskin Council Online Store" 26 November:

    Unfortunately, I found no mention of it on Buckskin Council's home site.

    "A limited collectors package of History In The Making is being offered exclusively by the Buckskin Council, BSA,which serves youth in West Virginia, Kentucky & Virginia. The collector package is a special offer that will only be available until the 1000 packages are sold. This would make a great holiday gift for the Scouter in your family.

    "The Collectors' Package includes the following items:
    Individual laser-engraved sequential numbered bottle X / 1000 with BSA Emblem, Location and Date
    Bottle is filled with soil (sifted & baked) from the Summit Groundbreaking Event and hand dipped in a beautiful red wax to seal the contents.
    Letter of authenticity from Bob Mazzuca Chief Scout Executive
    Professional Photograph of the Groundbreaking Participants."

    " This package is only available for purchase at the Buckskin Council Online Store beginning November 26, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. eastern standard time.

    NOTE: Bottles 1-50, 100, and 1,000 will only be available via online Ebay auctions starting December 1, 2010. Items will be listed under Ebay ID: Buckskin_Council_Bsa

    *Any orders recieved after December 15, 2010 can not be guaranteed for delivery by Dec 25, 2010.*

    If you have any glitches ordering please email and we will respond as quickly as possible."

    ((Sorry, can't copy the snazzy pictures that accompanied the above text.


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    Maybe they should bring back a marketing slogan I recall from a 1970's era BSA catalog: "It's tops if it's official!"

    Just the same, though, I probably won't be asking Santa for one.


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      This sounds a bit shady to me.

      Unless you are VERY sure that the email you received REALLY DID come from Buckskin Council, I would be very careful.

      Personally I would contact the council directly to verify this before purchasing anything from that site.


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        Yea I just got the email too. It looks like a legit offer but I wonder how much they are gonna charge? Probably more than I want to spend for a bottle of dirt and a letter from Mazzuca, lol. Happy Thanksgiving all, now back to the turkey.


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          Now, granted, since I'm not a criminal, I might not always think like a criminal.

          But if I were going to run a scam involving bottles of dirt, rather than just taking the money and running, there's really not a lot of downside to taking the money and sending the customer their bottle of dirt.

          We even have a brand of beer called "Summit", so I could get the bottles cheap.(This message has been edited by clemlaw)


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            SSScout and Fellow Scouters,


            Yeah.. I received that email advertisement not only once, but twice. I thought even the advertisement flier was pretty cheaply done, with blurry photos, etc. I just wonder how (or thru what network) the advertiser obtained my email.

            If it were a council, or district, or even a unit that was selling Summit "groundbreaking" patches (or patch set) for just a few extra dollars above cost; well maybe I would think about it for two seconds. But for bottles of dirt, No; It didn't take a second to hit the delete button.

            Scouting Forever and Venture On!
            Crew21 Adv


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              What I find strange is that the scout shop is open only one Saturday a month, from 9 til 1, and there are no links to or mention of an on line shop.

              If you click the link you provided, the shop will not open until todays (Friday) date?

              Our council shop is a National store, open 6 days a week and you can shop online via national website. But the local store still does not have it's own website. Kinda hard to imagine that a 1 weekend a month store would have a website.


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                Yep, I got the email - two different versions 4 times!!

                All I can say, is whatever happened to, "A Scout is Thrifty"????

                If indeed the email is accurate and not a fraud, big deal, so what?? Who cares if you get a bottle of dirt now or when you and your Troop visits the site sometime in the next twenty years? If at all!!! There are far more important things to spend our limited funds on than dirt!


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                  They're selling DIRT and you guys wonder if it's a rip off?


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                    That puts it into perspective!


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                      >>>>>They're selling DIRT and you guys wonder if it's a rip off?


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                        I am beginning to suspect that this is just another money making scheme by National, the Buckskin Council is being used as a cover, that's why they have all of our emails. This is a National High Adventure Base, hosting National events so IMHO this is another Mazzuca scam to line the coffers at National, and at $75 a bottle I am sure of it, lol.


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                          In my state, there's a company that sells chicken excrement to other states. So, yeah, they'll find some folks to buy this commemorative dirt.


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                            "In my state, there's a company that sells chicken excrement to other states."

                            Yeah, Chicken farmers mix that stuff into the feed for their chickens.