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  1. Lol, I have talked to a couple satanists over the internet, and while I don't subscribe to their beliefs the ones I talked to were normal people.
  2. Hear it, See it, Do it, Teach it.
  3. I think that could be part of it, but It probably has more to do with all the other options that people have of things to do now. I am ti young to know what it was like way back when, but I can tell you now that there are a ton of things to do and many of them are much more exciting than scouting.
  4. Yeah, this is the only Sea Scout event in our area that ever even gives time for religious services. Everywhere else just at the most starts events an hour later on sundays. It is not at all part of our program. In fact it is so not part of our program that it wasn't until I found this forum a year and a half into my scouting career that I was even aware that the BSA had a religious component (no I did not read the application, I just thought of it as the TOS). For this specific event in question, myself and the other people who went for coffee really just did not want to be preached with w
  5. I'm not all that worried about that. At least in my council, the few people paid people that interact with Sea Scouts on a regular basis already know who these people are and their beliefs. Where I live Sea Scouts is a very different community that the other scouting organizations. There are several adult leaders now that were basically born into the program. Their parents met as scouts, then grew up to be adult leaders and had kids that they brought around the program all the time. Those kids grew up and met people in scouts and are now doing the same with their kids. Then we have a
  6. Hmm, well perhaps in this area of things it is a good thing that Sea Scouts are not really noticed by anyone. If they wanted to enforce any of that with the Sea Scout leaders in my area they would end up losing units due to having kicked out most of the leadership in the Area. Now that may be a slight exaggeration, but I personally know of at least 5 adult leaders that don't conform to BSA's officially published policies, and are quite upfront about it. I could probably name another half dozen that are a bit more discrete. All of them are great scout leaders. I would not still be in scouting i
  7. I have been reading the posts about people getting kicked out for religious reasons and was wondering how often religion actually comes up in a scouting context. In my own unit the only time the topic ever comes up is when one of my scouts has to miss a meeting or a weekend event due to a church thing. Occasionally scouts talk to each other about what they believe and all that, but it is really just a certain pair that have quite different beliefs and they are both trying to understand the other's, plus the usual friendly joking (half my crew acts like they are siblings). Outside of
  8. What about units that are completely upfront about where the money is going? When we work crab feeds we always explain to person who asked us and is giving us the money that a portion will be used by scouts for cruises and such.
  9. My ship has scout accounts. The reality of them is that they are nothing more than a notation on the treasurer's spreadsheet. The money is all in one of the ship's bank accounts. The majority of our fundraisers are cleaning up and serving at crab feeds, or other things like that. We occasionally get a small donation for doing a color guard. The money is split 50/50 between the general fund (pays for insurance, boat maintenance, slip fees, everything really) and the scouts that worked that fundraiser. Scouts can use that money to pay for any event the ship is attending, or any activity the ship
  10. Well strike that. The Issues and Politics forum is doing the same thing as open discussion. I also cannot seem to post there. I keep getting "Empty Response" errors.
  11. Most of the site seems ot work for me on the latest version of google chrome, though I do get random error messages. The one thing that doesn't seem to work is the open discussion forum. I cannot see any topics. I can see the most recent activity, but not the topic view.
  12. I'm a bit late to this party, but I have to put in a good word for starting a Sea Scout Ship. Sea Scouts is absolutely the best program in scouting. Sea Scouts gives you all the benefits of Venturing, the community service, the moral compass, the camaraderie with your crew, all the things that people join scouting to get, but we also give you marketable job skills and a super awesome hobby. In Sea Scouts you learn a whole range of skills including how to drive and sail a boat (captain for hire, working in shipping, teaching sailing), welding, how to paint using two part epoxy primers, rigging,
  13. My ship and most of the ships in my area handle it by saying no PDAs, and anytime there is free time everyone has to be in a group of 3 or more. The scouts are generally pretty good about keeping that all out of scouting. Once in a great while the teenagers do make mistakes and get caught. That always leads to a long talk with Skipper, parents, and some length of time of suspension from the ship. If it happens in the middle of an event then parents are called at 3 am to come pick up their kids.
  14. The new Navy Uniform is set to be distributed in 2015, and they are not even changing the look. This article outlines the changed being made. No reason Sea Scouts couldn't still use them. http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=67284
  15. Eamonn, I don't mind the uniform that they came out with. I know several ships that have worn navy blue dickies for years. My gripe is that they started looking at making a new uniform a year or two ago, and now when they finally do put one out it is just another option. Not including the ship t-shirts that most all ships have, we already had 5 youth uniforms. This is in addition to those. We also already had 5 adult uniforms. This is also in addition to those. This just makes us look even less unified. Also, the chambrays can often be found at walmart. As of 2012 there were 6670 Sea Scou
  16. I notice that this site is really slow. I was able to count to 4 one thousand after clicking like before it stopped "working" and the like showed up. It also takes a long time travel from one page to another, and posting comments takes forever. It is not my connection either because everything else is still working at normal speed. Edit: I counted to 6 one thousand before this post stopped "working" and another two before it showed up on screen.
  17. Sorry, I got impatient and clicked a second time. This new software is slower that I am used to. I'll be glad to delete the duplicate thread if you like. Packsaddle
  18. So the National Sea Scout Committe came out with a new uniform to add to our list of possibilities a couple weeks ago. It is not a bad uniform, though it looks like a big cub scout uniform (no offence directed at cub scouts, I just want sea scouts to have it's own identity). Regardless of what the uniform looks like I don't get why they are spending time adding another optional uniform to our program when we lost 1400 scouts last year. Yes, I know earlier this year I was excited over our program having increased in numbers, well I was given incorrect info. I have now seen the actual numbers fo
  19. To veiw individual threads from oldest to newest click the "POSTS" link directly above the "Post Reply" button. When viewing a specific forum, such as open discussion, click the "LATEST ACTIVITY" link to view the topics from the past week. When at the main forums page, where you see the list of all the different forums, click latest activity to see the topics that have been created recently.
  20. All I have heard is that the council committee was shut down. They better not be revoking charters; sea scouting is strongest in the southern region.
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