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At least this is a fun uniform question........(leader question)

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    One of the nice things about the vintage uniforms is getting the insignia correct. Technically scouts should be putting the green numbers and epaulettes on the centennial uniform. Those tan shirts that are the 1970 - 2011 should still use the red.

    When I wear the 1950/1960 uniform it has the community strip instead of council strip on it to be correct.

    When I have a boy wanting to wear the historical uniform, I go so far as to get historical patches for rank and POR off Ebay.

    Makes it a challenge, but it's a lot of fun too.



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      A few comments

      1)Great Pic! My wife, just like yours, hates the current and previous uniforms. So I got her the same uniform.

      2) As noted, insignia can be a PITA. Ebay is your friend as well as collectors. One collector, when he found out what I was doing gave me a state strip and a repro of the city strip

      In regards to insignia

      3) World Crest was restricted prior to August 1 1989. You had to earn it by either going overseas on a scout function or hosting foreign scouts for a week or longer. When I got wife's uniform, I didn'r include it.

      4) You want the fully embroidered numbers, that may be tricky.

      5) American Flag wasn't worn on uniform until 1970s/80s.

      6) Want the Den Mother patch or other vintage POR patch. Which may be intersting b/c ladies were restricted inthe position they could hold.

      7) hat is the ladies version of the garrison cap

      8) Need the yellow ladies' tie.

      If you PM, I can send you the info on the uniform I have and may have some spare uniform items.


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        ar ar ar (seal of approval) for Mrs. Bretly 8-)

        Eagle92 - all Trans Atlantic Council members got the World Crest just for being there pre 1989 (I got mine even before Bobcat),
        and I think TAC hands out more Interpreter Strips than any other council as well ;-)

        Most "Vintage" thing I wear is my Stetson smokey bear campaign hat with a small Fleur de Lis pin 8-)


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          Looks great!


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            Far East also passed the WCs out too. One of my friends had one from his CS days on his uniform when he joined the troop.

            I can tell you we had a busload of ticked off Scouts when out contingent leaders told us in the middle of our Canada trip that BSA now allowed everyone to wear the WC( that's how I remember the exact date of the policy change). At least our leaders made it up to us by buying the Canadian ones which are on a velvet background.


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              Originally posted by jblake47 View Post
              OMG, I just went blind!

              That is what you get for looking up the Kilt


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                Please correct me if I am mistaken, but the original World Crest that had to be earned was larger I think. Seems to me there was a time when you could still earn the large one, even while the small one was available. Am too lazy to go digging through stuff to verify, so taking the easy way out here.


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                  Are you referring to this?


                  the International Activity patch, both in a 3" and 5" back patch, is very similar to the WC. requirements are set by local councils. Don't know when they were created, but been around since 1986 or 87. One of my friends hosted a Canadian Scout for a Scouting function and got it. I know I have seen some folks wear it in the spot for the WC in the past.

                  They also made neckers, slides, hats, and jackets. Got the necker, and slide, when I went to Canada. Got a second set and the hat and jacket when I did the European Camp Staff Program.

                  Sometime after 1989 and before 1995, BSA came up with the International Youth Exchange patch. requirements for it were identical to the old WC ones EXCEPT limited to Boy Scouts, Explorers/Venturers. Whye Cubs could nto earn it, don't ask me. Here is a link with requirements and image i found but see below.

         EDITED, noticed the site was from 1998. Here are the last set of requirements

                  it looks like last year they replaced both the International Activity patch and International Youth Exchange patches with a new International Spirit Award with specific requirements for Cub Scouts, " Boy/Varsity/Venturer," and Scouter. More info on that is here


                  Again i did the European Camp Staff Program. and here is a link to that:

                  Sorry for the hijack.
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                    Yep, I think that is it. Was close; but not playing horse shoes.