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Neckerchiefs- - Over or Under?

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    >>>Neckerchief wear is determined by the unit now, they can opt to wear over or under; tucked or untucked; tied or untied; or even not at all.


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      THREAD BUMP!! Oh, now I'm just goin *lookin* fer trouble, aren't I? ;0)

      But... Collarless shirt?!? Who? Where? How do I get them?


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        You can either cut out the collar on a current shirt and sew it back up...or you can search ebay for a vintage Scout shirt. I saw a few not long ago, good condition sans collar.


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          REALLY?!? Wow, whoda thunk it? Interesting. We live in the South, and the boys (especially mine) get uncomfortable with their collars AND their neckers all up around their necks.

          I love the neckers (partly because it helps me identify who's where from the back). But collarless shirts (*ahem*) at least for MY kid if I find them, would be sooo much more comfortable!

          I didn't know that was allowed! Thanks for the info. Although now I'll probably be all irritated when I can't find one... ;0)


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            I just sent you a PM so you know what you are looking for...there are a bunch out there.


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              Back in the 1990s some Wood Badge Troops would remove the collars with seam rippers.


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                I LOVE these! They look very comfortable!

                I would need a Cubbie one for my boy for at least his Bear year, but heck, *I* want one for myself (CM).

                I might yet decide to wield that seam ripper, but I'm not known for my sewing skills.

                Thanks for the info, both of you!


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                  re: collarless shirts

                  "Back in the day" one really nice thing about the collarless uniform shirt was this. . . when it got REALLY HOT out there, say being out under the sun all day on a hike, you'd just wear it without a neckerchief and it'd be cooler on you.

                  A nice feature.


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                    "But... Collarless shirt?!? Who? Where? How do I get them?"

                    During the 50s, 60s, and 70s, all shirts (both short and long sleeved) for Boy Scouts were collarless. Only adults and older scouts had collars so they could wear ties.

                    That's what I wore as a Boy Scout before they rolled out the ODL uniform, which eliminated the collarless option.


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                      B-P said the neckerchief protects the neck from sunburn. Today we have sunscreen, but I have sensitive skin and therefore still like to wear a brimmed hat. Once when I forgot my sunscreen and the only hat I had was a cap I was very glad to have a neckerchief with me.


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                        So we can all agree that there is no bright line rule for over vs. under the collar neckerchiefs, and it’s up to the Unit to decide? When I show up for my next Pack meeting wearing my necker OVER the collar, I’ll brace for comments, confident that I can cite to the appropriate uniform rule. I expect my cubs to wear neckers as part of their class A , so I wear my necker too.

                        And while I’m on the subject… when I was a cub, it was a big deal to trade your yellow necker for a plaid when you became a Weblo. This was before Tigers when cubs had the yellow for three years. Today: new rank, new necker and the symbolism of the 4 color plaid is lost- until I mention it at the AOL crossover and the audience says “Ooooooooo”. And the hats? Can National bring back the all blue with yellow piping? Now those were cool.

                        I’m fortunate that those in my cub scouting community can afford new colors each year, but trust me, the uniform “scam” is not lost on the parents.


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                          I just think it looks stupid under the collar.... but that's just me.
                          Oh, I should say that our boys are about half and half...... over or under, but never with collar tucked in. I think it's mainly because we have weak leadership re. uniforms, although I'm trying to set a better example.

                          arless shirt obsession. I hated those as a boy too..... but I'll concede that it makes the necker a bit more comfortable to wear I suppose. As a scouter, I have been going without neckwear to fit in with the others in my Pack, but I did start wearing the necker the last few meetings, over the collar. Tucking the collar under seems like it would be uncomfortable, but I'll give it a try.


                          • njeagle92
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                            I guess I'm "tradiitional" and I prefer over the collar. Im going to try tucking the collar under. Ive read of scouts/scouters actually ripping the collar off. Thats a bit much for me.
                            In my Pack the boys are pretty good with their uniforms. We have a mascot totem that we award to a Den on a monthly basis who best displays the proper wearing of the uniform. Like the Stanley Cup, it comes back to the Pack to be awarded again. Some Dens bring it to Den activities, outings, etc. Every Pack meeting, the boys know to look sharp for uniform inspections. We bring the "best dressed" Den on stage and award the mascot totem.

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                          The uniform inspection is an interesting concept. Just meeting with my Dl the other night starting to plan the year. Saw mention of it in the book and he was joking about it. I was trying to be polite and positive and suggesting that we need to do better to encourage uniform wear. his attitude was something like, "I can't see making anybody wear it. What if they are coming to the meeting from someplace else or heading out after?" I just said well, they don't have to for special occurrences such as that, but I still feel that we should encourage it. A uniform inspection just isn't in the culture of the pack. I don't ever see that flying....
                          The more I think about the laziness of our pack leadership overall with the program, the more frustrated I get....


                          • njeagle92
                            njeagle92 commented
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                            We require Class As at monthly Pack meetings, Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold, Memorial Day Parade, and any other "formal" activity. Class Bs for Den meetings and go-see-it activities, with Class A always an option. If a scout is not in uniform, there's probably a good reason, and no one bothers. A respect for the uniform is a basic principal.

                            I completed my Eagle requirements one day before my 18th birthday. I attended Troop activities through high school. When I got old enough to drive myself to and from meetings, I'd arrive in "street" clothes and change just before. The little cubs don't know "cool" yet. If no one wants to wear a uniform because "it takes too much time to get ready", you have a bigger issue than convenience.

                            If a kid has pop warner, little league, or some other activity and still comes to meetings out of uniform- that kid wants to participate in scouts! We don't turn him (or anyone) away from the program. Your Pack need not go overboard with uniform inspections. Make a game of it. Call up the ones who set good examples, but don't call out the ones who don't.
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                          Originally posted by njeagle92 View Post
                          So we can all agree that there is no bright line rule for over vs. under the collar neckerchiefs, and it’s up to the Unit to decide? When I show up for my next Pack meeting wearing my necker OVER the collar, I’ll brace for comments, confident that I can cite to the appropriate uniform rule. I expect my cubs to wear neckers as part of their class A , so I wear my necker too.
                          Over vs under is a unit decision. If your unit wears under, then you wear under. If your unit wears over, then you wear over.


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                            For all of those in the warmer climes, remember, the necker worn around the neck doesn't need to be dry. On the really hot days, I soak my down with water and it does wonders. Even with Civil War reenacting in wool uniforms in 90+ degree heat I wear a wet bandana around my neck that I periodically soak from my canteen. When the battlefield angels come around with ice, I even roll chunks of ice in it before tying it on. I've never gone down to the heat in 15 years of reenacting, but a lot of guys half my age have. The only time I wore a BSA t-shirt was at Philmont because the SM insisted. That was the only one of two times n 40 years of scouting the boys saw me out of the official field uniform. The only other time was at the Centennial Jamboree where I wore a wool 1912 converted military uniform with shirt AND tunic.... and a wet necker for sure.