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Getting an Interpreter Strip in a "new" language

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  • Getting an Interpreter Strip in a "new" language

    I thought there were only French, Spanish, Italian, and Sign Language strips available, but apparently there are a number of other languages. The exhaustive list seems to be Hebrew, Mandarin (simplified and traditional), French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Greek.

    What sort of process would I have to go through to get a new language strip created, like Norwegian? Can you just special order it or is there some long process that I'd have to step through?

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    You should be able to special order it through National Supply (or so I've been told). If not, you could create the strip yourself (with the approval of your CSE and National).

    Mike Walton's site has a good summary:


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      No Klingon or Elvish?


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        I got your Klingon right here

        amoung others


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          I've seen a spoof patch for Klingon on a scouter. Crazy scouter wanted to use Klingon as his foreign language requirement for school.

          It didn't happen.

          Haven't seen Elvish yet.


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            Hello Old Grey Eagle,

            I liked your list of interpreter patches.

            I think my favorite was "English."


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              I have actually seen those on Puerto Rican Scouts. National does make them.


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                How about "Binary"

                Of course there would only be 10 kinds of people

                Those who understood and those who didn't(This message has been edited by oldisnewagain1)


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                  There are others that the Scout Shops carry. I had a kid from South Africa that spoke Afrikaans, and the Scout Shop had it available. It is a little more exprensive than Francais or Espanol since there are fewer made.


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                    Those spoof language patches are amazing. If I'm going to be working at a Camp this summer, then I'm going to get a couple to wear on Saturdays or something.


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                      Hmmm. Since the strips are for a second language, and I'm a deep South native, I think the "Yankee" would be helpful for those around me. I have family in Noo Yawk and Mitchi-gan, so I speak a reasonable amount of those languages.


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                        I got your Klingon right here


                        amoung others

                        Unfortunately this wasn't the one I saw. The one I saw had actual Klingon charcters.


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                          ...I actually got a package in the mail today...which I had forgotten about. Earlier this month, I sent an email to ScoutStuff inquiring as to a certain interpreter strip.

                          They said they would look into in.

                          A couple days later, they called, asked what language, and how many I needed. With that they asked for my CC info and said 2 - 4 weeks.

                          So today,,,I got the package with 4 brand new interpreter strips....custom made by BSA.

                          $7 each...but I got them and pretty certain no one else has this language.

                          Collecting? ....Nope...speaking it and corr responding in it as well.


                          (I'm thinking I may have the only 4 BSA interpreter strips of this language. Cool :-))
                          (This message has been edited by Scouter.)


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                            I am in the process of getting one for Armenian for a new Scout. To get one in the language itself have someone familiar with it write it out. Thus I had the dad write out Armenian in the Cyrillic alphabet. This is sent in to national with the order and they send the strips custom-made.

                            The strips as mentioned run about $7 and come as a minimum of 2 per order. They are ordered through the local Scout Shop. There is actually an inventory number on the national database that covers custom-ordered Interpreter strips.



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                              Hey any in the Minsi Trails scout shop for "Deitsch"? As a scout, I wore, "Deutsch", as I became nearly fluent in high school German (5 years).