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  • scout neckerchiefs

    It is my understanding that the original scout neckerchiefs were square.

    What were the dimensions of the square neckerchiefs?

    When were the triangular neckerchiefs introduced?

    Thank you

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    I can't answer the second question for you, but there's information on traditional neckerchiefs - including how to make them - at Kudu's site. The article gives the dimensions as 32x32.


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      yep 32x32 is the traditional size for the square necker. However I'ld recommend 36x36 for your adults and taller/larger scouts.


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        36"x36" also works better when used as a triangle bandage. The smaller size does not work well for a sling or a head bandage.


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          Thanks for the link. Making them is exactly the info I was looking for.



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            Is 32 by 32 the traditional BSA dimensions? I thought I read somewhere that neckers from Europe, as well as other countries were larger, 40 by 40 maybe. This would definitely make them more useful.


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              Sounds like the European measurement is based on a meter...about 39"



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                I have no idea... just passing along info from another source. I came along in the '80s and have never even seen a square neckerchief in the flesh, so to speak.


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                  Triangular bandages are commonly 37"x37"x52" or 40"x40"x56", so for a neckerchief to function as a triangular bandage, a larger size seems reasonable. As a scout in the 60's, my troop has a 32" square neckerchief which was adequate for bandaging scouts among other uses.

                  I found this link regarding Canadian neckers
                  scroll to bottom and you will see their three "proper sizes" for neckers.


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                    My hub. neckerchief from New Zealand is in the 36 area it is a triangle and works great for all of the Scout suggested uses. It is also of a more sturdy material. The small ones are quite frankly a waste of time and for looks only.


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                      My officer corps boys wear a 36" square Meyers flag as a necker and it works great for any first aid issues as well.



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                        The dimensions of the full-square neckerchiefs varied. The older ones from the 1920's were smaller and not exactly square. In 1940's dimensions changed to 32x32 and a coarser fabric was used in their manufacture. By 1950 they were pretty much gone in favor of the triangular scarves.
                        I have tons of the old full-squares - of all colors. I have tried to preserve them from being lost. If anyone wants one - or a bunch - they are free for the asking.
                        Just send me a message.