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Bows at Scout Camp

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  • Bows at Scout Camp

    Does anyone know what is the most common recurve bows that are used at Boy Scout camp?

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    Whatever they got the best deal on at the time! Our camps have gone exclusively to compound bows.

    In terms of specs, they usuallly have something with a 25 -35 pound draw. (Or that much of a hold for the compounds.)

    What would be insanely cool is a camp that raises their own stand of yew, and your week at camp would involve conserving it, harvesting the wood, planing the branches (I don't think regs for tools prevent that.), and finishing the bows for the camp. This would need a camp director with a requirements-be-damned approach, but it would be saying something if a scout was only allowed to complete the teas at camp using bows made the previous year. (The actual fashioning of the bows could be part of the camp's high adventure program.)


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      My guess the Bear Titan Youth Recurve
      simple, fairly rugged, cheap starter bow $35-50 (usually green color limbs)
      wraparound arrow shelf so lefties can use the same bow too (usually shelf wears down)
      one bow with bow length, draw length and weight are in the right average range for age group
      look like Cub Scout bows to older scouts

      Jump up to the $80-100 range - takedown recurves - Polarisl, Mohegan, maybe PSE Junior
      - cooler looking
      - becomes an inventory issue. Need separate RH and LH bows, different limb lengths, different draw weights

      But as mentioned finding the deal is key. You should google "archery kits school program" as there was/is a group NASP or USArchery that gave a good deal on a kit of bows, arrows, targets...

      Qwazse - I like your ideas!

      My $0.02,


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        I wanted to make arrows with the WEB 2s this summer and let them shoot those.


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          I still cannot create a new topic "Nationwide ammunition shortage may effect summer camp".

          Even 22 ammunition is hard to find, a local Rifle Shooting MB class has been indefinitely postponed until 22 ammo become available.

          "There is a shortage at the moment of .22 ammunition,” said David Chapman, Executive Director of the Buffalo Trail Council (Texas). “Kids like shooting and especially when it’s in a safe environment. During the summer we usually use about 22,000 rounds of ammo."

          Chapman says each year major ammo retailers open bulk orders at a discount just for scout councils across the country, but this year it was a let down.

          "They opened up the window for about two hours, “ Chapman said. “Then said, we’ve got all the orders we can handle through the end of the year.”



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          Our precamp meeting the CD asked for us to keep our eye open and let him know about the ammo situation...He asked for 80,000 rounds of 22.


          • mozartbrau
            mozartbrau commented
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            Good luck. My state...a very gun friendly state...there ain't none to be had.

          • Basementdweller
            Basementdweller commented
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            80000 seem excessive to me.....I would hope he isn't exaggerating....I picked up 2000 on the way home from work tonight.

          • RememberSchiff
            RememberSchiff commented
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            Depends on the number of scouts taking Rifle Shooting MB and a free shooting period. Rifle Shooting Option A requires a minimum of 40 rounds for a scout who is a marksman at the start. 80+ rounds is more common.

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          Yeah our scout camps have enough ammo for basically the first 2 or 3 sessions and then they'll run out for the rest of the summer.