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George W. Bush Eagle Scout Congratulations Card

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  • George W. Bush Eagle Scout Congratulations Card

    I am working on a project and was wondering if someone out there might be able to provide me with a scan of George W. Bush's Card of Congratulations (or Letter) for Eagle Scouts. I have the others going back to Richard Nixon but lack GWB's.

    Does anyone know if Lyndon B. Johnson or earlier presidents sent a standard card or letter as well?

    Thanks, David C. Scott

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    My son has one from GWB. It is a card.


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      If Johnson sent letters out, I didn't get one. But I do have his signature on my certificate.


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        My son has one. I'll ask him if it's available for scanning.


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          Hello David;

          I did not receive anything from the president at the time, Eisenhower, and there was no certificate, only a card. The card is signed by Eisenhower however, and I can scan it if you would like. Do not know when they started issuing the larger certificates, as well as a card. I do have a letter signed by the CSE at the time.

          Let me know if any of this is pertinent to your current project.

          Hope all is well. If you are ever going to be in the So Cal area, let me know, and perhaps we can arrange a visit.



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            I have a signed letter of recognition from the first President Bush regarding earning Eagle, but I didn't get a card.


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              Mine is Ronald Reagan, and is a letter, not a card.