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  • Introduction.

    Hello! I've been scanning this wonderful forum for a few days, and decided I couldn't hold off on adding my two cents to some of these conversations.
    I received my Arrow of Light and crossed over into the BSA in 2005. I didn't really want to,(I thought Boy Scouts would be nerdy, and didn't really enjoy Cubs) but my parents wanted me to attend a meeting to see if I'd like it. Needless to say, My parents were right, and I earned My Eagle Scout in 2011. I had the honor to serve as a Quartermaster, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, Guide,and Instructor. Now being an Adult, I am an Assistant Scoutmaster. Earlier this Month, I completed my IOLS and Scoutmaster Fundamentals.

    A bit about my Troop:It has a group of dedicated adults. 1 Scoutmaster, 4 Assistant Scoutmasters, and the various Committee positions. We have about 60 registered Boys and maybe 40 who regularly attend Troop Functions. Our retention of both our Oldest Boys and Youngest is pretty excellent. Our retention of the 13-14 year old Boys has, in my mind, been our biggest issue. Our Scoutmaster is pretty new, but he's got energy and enthusaism, and has hit the ground running since starting in January. One of my peeves is that our Eagles don't stay around after they earn their Eagles. Out of the 8 Boys from my Troop who got their Eagles in 2011, I am the only one who consistantly attends any Troop Functions.

    Overall due to my college schedule, is to simply provide assistance when I can. Many of the Senior Boys go to me with help with their positions, and many of the Eagles come to me for advice on their projects. Officially, I'm not tasked with any specific duties as an Assistant Scoutmaster, I mostly just have the title.

    In closing, I'm looking forward to learning from the many experienced members on this board, and hopefully I'll be able to give some different perspective, being a newly minted adult and now Assistant Scoutmaster.

    Yours in Scouting,

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    Welcome, jump into any topic you have interest in.. We have a few young adults (16-30) who we enjoy having for their fresh perspective on the opinions of the rest of us old fogies. Sometimes we listen to you guys better then we listen to each other and sometimes not.


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      I think it is admirable that you are remaining involved with your troop, even if it is only in a small way for now. Another contribution you could make would be to serve as a merit badge counselor for your troop, especially given the attention you are receiving from the boys. Keep up the good work!


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        Welcome, welcome! Don't let us geezers scare you off. It is great you are helping out. They will listen to you over me.


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          I would like to congratulate you in taking a contuinuing interest in Scouting.

          I would encourage you to visit your district Boy Scout Roundtable and the District Committee meetings each usually held once per month. Your council or district website should have information on these meetings.

          Both are ways to meet people and learn about program from other Troops in your area. The district committee meetings plan activities like camporees and recruiting campaigns to find new Scouts. Becoming informed about such things will broaden your understanding of Scouting, and you will find a variety of additional things you might decide are worth your time to work on.