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2nd stage of fee increase ?

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  • 2nd stage of fee increase ?

    Been pulling my hair out trying to get the Pack organized and matching the recharter application from last year with the old and the new and the roster document that the service center finally emailed me. Of course nothing matches, but finally unraveling it and getting things fixed. In all of this I found out I am registered as the ScoutParent Unit Coordinator. Surprise, thanks for letting me know. The service center also mentioned something about all the ScoutParents needing to register as adults next recharter. So I start looking into exactly what a ScoutParent is, I thought every parent was a ScoutParent and you had to check that box on the Youth Application, I always did. Apparently not. I came across this little bit of news : "As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen the protection of youth in our programs, the select designation of parents of youth members in traditional programs as “ScoutParents” will end effective July 1, 2013. BSA literature, forms, and processes are being revised to match this change in program. Councils should encourage current “ScoutParents” to now officially register as paid adult volunteers or leaders if they are not already so registered. To help facilitate this, the Unit Scouter Reserve position (91U) has been created for supportive adults who have no immediate, specific leadership role. Like all registered BSA adult positions, this new role will require a criminal background check and the completion of Youth Protection training. The position of unit ScoutParent Coordinator (PC) will remain a registered position with the name changed to Parent Coordinator. " What do you think the chances are that there will be a major push next month when rechartering season starts to get all the parents to become paid registered adults ?

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    Nice catch...

    I know we have a bunch of tiger parents that transitioned to scoutparents still on our charter, just didn't see the point of removing them.....

    Now that they are gonna cost use $24 a piece.....well they are gone unless they want to become a leader.


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      I was going to mention this in the other thread ... but would not have worded it with as much neutral language. So I refrained. Thanks for that posting the new position code. It says it all to me:

      91U = Nine-to-one odds you're a cash cow to national.

      I'm inclined to encourage our scout parents to 1) drop from the roster or 2) sign-on as committee members - no uniform or patch required, or 3) get leader-specific training and replace me. Regardless, I will encourage them to get a myscouting account and take whatever training is available.


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        I would love to be a 'paid adult volunteer or leader.' Where do I sign up for that gig?


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          KDD, did that form really use the words, "...PAID adult volunteers or leaders..."? OK, I will be waiting for the check to arrive in the mail.


          • Scouter99
            Scouter99 commented
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            The phrasing was corrected to "dues-paying" on scoutwire back in April, I guess whoever c/p'ed it to didn't get the memo. :P

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          Yup, I knew of the Unit Scouter Reserve 91U $10 fee/change for awhile. If you follow Scoutwire, a lot of things get announced that way. They are on Twitter as well. So, when there is an update, it goes out that way.

          I suspect that the people registered as PS, will not be re-chartered within the system. If they want to be, it's the 91U, YPT and $10. It's helping to reduce all the paperwork and making sure that those who are registered with the BSA are checked. Makes sense due to all the lawsuits that the BSA is dealing with.


          • King Ding Dong
            King Ding Dong commented
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            Where is it stated the 91U position is $10 ? Furthermore what is the advantage of this position ? Why would anyone want or need to do this ?

          • Hueymungus
            Hueymungus commented
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   is the official note. In other sites that I have seen there is a charge of $10. The DE went over it last night at Roundtable. The BSA wants/needs to make sure that anyone associated officially with a Scout Unit is checked and has YPT. It's also to clear the records of people who really don't do anything.

            I also suspect that since Tiger Parents need to accompany their boys, that this is the way to make sure they take YPT and are covered by Insurance.

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          This can't possibly be just a move for money.....Right?????

          Could it be something as simple as shrinking the Database of members??????

          Or even decreasing the number of adults to decrease the liability of an adult member being a child molester....


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            How can it be the "second stage" when it was announced 5 months ago? The amount of tinfoil used for hats around here is sometimes baffling.

            It seems like a simple logical move: Why would we register people who are not operating in an official capacity to begin with?
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            • Basementdweller
              Basementdweller commented
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              At the pack level they were tiger parents who never were taken off the charter.Tiger partner used to be free

            • Adam S
              Adam S commented
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              It is the second stage because in June BSA national introduced an increase to the annual insurance rate per member and in September they introduced a second increase related to administrative costs.