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Differences between BSA and GSUSA

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    Originally posted by Basementdweller View Post
    the girl scout leaders run the units like kingdoms.....You are good enough to join, you are, you are, you are not.

    Troops are run on the whim of the leader....

    Zero accountability of the unit leaders...

    Never ever voice an opinion to a leader

    You are not qualified to be a leader because you are male.

    You are not from our school/neighborhood/social group/race/religion/financial class you cannot join our troop

    Oh call the council office they will get back to you with a unit.......Been making that call the first monday of every month now for 2 years.

    Oh lets do this crafty thing.....Sell cookies.....

    BTW where did all that cookie and dues money go?????

    Leader quits the unit is dead.

    None of the GS troops I have seen own anything of any significance. No tents, outdoor kitchens.....Nothing.

    The only thing the GSUSA has over the BSA is a national recongizable fundraiser. Beyond that it is a train wreck.....
    Basement, there is a slightly better way GSUSA units can be ran, and I would have put it a bit more kindly, but in the end you've defined Girl Scout Troop function quite well. My oldest was a girl scout (she's soon to be 30 now), and I did help out in a number of roles, but never that of leader ... it was made clear that my wife was appreciated as a leader, but I was not correctly equipped.

    Train wreck sums it up quite well.

    BSA needs to go full co-ed top to bottom, I know many girls, from 7-14, who would line up to participate in the program our Pack and Troop offers.