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    I would like to hear ideas too. I kind of like your solution. I'm usually standing there fighting with the beads and the badge in front of everybody. One of the parents will take pity on me, and take over so we can continue.
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    Differences between BSA and GSUSA

    My co-leader and I have never told anybody that they were not welcome. Prehaps this is one reason why we have two troops, each with 20+ girls.Another reason-leader quit, so we took over. If a man wants to lead a troop, why not? There are just things that have to be considered with overnights, etc. Cookie money helps subsidize camping, trips (UN, stables) etc. One of the troops at my church is planning a trip to Africa. Growing up, I remember troops being age/level specific. I went from a Brownie troop, to a Junior troop, to a Cadette troop.When I returned to Girl Scouting as an adult, I was surprised to hear "1st grade Brownies". "4th grade Juniors", etc. Our local council returns phone calls, and is supportive of new leaders. We go camping, we go on trips, we do service projects, we visit the local nursing home every, we support the animal shelter, the older girls go on midnight runs with the church. We would love to have more leaders male or female, however, everybody is "to busy". We do tell people that if you want your daughter to be a scout, we would like you to be a leader. Most of them say OK, then we never see them again. Oh, by the way my co-leader and I each have one child; a son.