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Small or large tents

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    Feel free to Take a look at My Photos taken during Scouting Events at Camp Perkins and see why we would not have a hard time pitching Large Tents
    These are just a Few Links where you Can see the Area well of Our Council's only Camp 3 3 3


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      Our units don't own tents, the youth and their families do. They manage to equip themselves according to the location. Sometimes piling into those big tents are a barrel of fun.

      Other times, when the wind kicks up and my pup's the only thing standing, not so much fun.


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        British Scouts tend to use patrol size tents, either 4-5 or 6-8 people. They are generally round with a conical top.


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          "They are generally round with a conical top."

          Sorry but they're not, they look like your wall tents. These links will take you typical patrol tents;




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            If the boys are willing to haul 'em I guess it is their call. Whatever works in your Troop and reinforces the Patrol method.


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              Why not bivvy bags?

              But if it must be tents:

              Aluminum bends, but bends back too. Fiberglass is OK but splinters eventually. Aluminum wins.

              Avoid anything in which you must slide long poles through sleeves - it's too fiddly.
              A good design is with poles external (except maybe to the rainfly) with hook or tie on system to hold the tent to the poles is best and repairs easier when it breaks.
              Don't go for complex designs and gimmicks - KISS.

              In general, a smaller tent will stand up better in the wind.
              In general, smaller tents set up easier and quicker.
              Whatever the "X" in X-man tent, plan on housing only 1/2 X in the tent as a matter of routine... for example, the typical 4-man tent is about the right size for two men (and gear they'll want with them).

              Patrol method... for sleeping? That's what the tent is for. Patrol method would work just fine with the patrol in their patrol area sleeping in their individual bivvy bags or two-man tents. If the patrol needs a common area with protection from rain/insects, a dining fly type arrangement (separated from where they sleep) is good.

              Think about ease of repair and availability of replacement parts.

              It might make a difference in your selection.

              There are pros and cons to troop or personal gear. Personal is preferable IMO.

              For tents - best IMO is small, aluminum frame (if required), simple with 2 PPT standard and room for 3 if there's an odd number.

              Anyone consider bivvy bags instead?

              But upon seeing this posted I see that I have failed to address the original question - to which the answer is yes - and it's fraught with the slumber-party atmosphere. Tents are for sleeping IMO.(This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)


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                Thanks for the Links Moggie..

                Love those Big Tents..Drooling over the Bunk House ones...
                Wondering if we can get them over on this side of the Pond..

                Whats the Dollar going for Over there?


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                  Approximately 1 = $1.50
                  And the patrol tents will last 30 years, the killer will be the cost of shipping they are heavy and the poles long.

                  You'll also need a groundsheet and to teach the young people not to touch the canvas if its raining, but I guess yo have to do that with the wall tents found at your scout camps




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                    "Sorry but they're not, they look like your wall tents"

                    My mistake. It's been a while since I looked @ and checked out the tents on display in the Official Scout Shop.


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                      Still they would be Nice..
                      Tent for 1 Please...
                      I could have my Stove in there with me and a recliner


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                        Why in the world would a Boy Scout troop intentionally encourage and facilitate plop camping? The whole idea is to get the boys outdoors. With a giant heavy tent, you limit how far you can go.

                        If they really want to bunk together, they can go on a wilderness survival trek and build a patrol lean-to.(This message has been edited by shortridge)


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                          My troop has agreed to not buy any more of the. 4 man Eureka's for the same problems. They stay up all night, they disturb everyone around them. They can't help it. They can't NOT do it. They are boys.
                          So we stay with 2 man tents. We use Eureka's. They are packable, last a long time, and are dry when it rains. Most scouts buy their own after one year, anyway.


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                            RE: Small or large tents
                            Posted: Saturday, 7/21/2012: 7:53:04 AM
                            Why in the world would a Boy Scout troop intentionally encourage and facilitate plop camping? The whole idea is to get the boys outdoors. With a giant heavy tent, you limit how far you can go.

                            If they really want to bunk together, they can go on a wilderness survival trek and build a patrol lean-to.
                            (This message has been edited by shortridge)

                            Again this is just a personal biased opinion..They poster stated they had appropriate tents for appropriate camping styles..

                            What encourages Plop Camping as you put is unavailability of Appropriate Camping Facilities...for your beloved style of Camping which so many Worship
                            I openly invite you to travel all the way to Camp Perkins here and Enjoy our Lustrous Camp and spend 14 days pack pack camping by Hiking around in Circles all day long...stopping to set up your fabulous small tents with cramped space and never end up more than 1/4 mile from where last night's Camp was....While us ploppers will be relaxed and still having more fun than you are..

                            I am Pretty Sure the Scouts are Not stupid and not Will hike the High Mountains and earn a 50 miler while Carrying 80 lb tents however if they do they deserve props for earning it...much more of an accomplishment than if they Carried 2 lb tents


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                              Yep, a lot of is don't get Texas. Yet, getting on good terms with some local ranchers and finding a way or hike a few miles in open country might be a fine change of pace.

                              One thing that I saw a troop from Michigan use backpacking was lightweight patrol flies. I think four guys would comfortably sleep under them them. Two per patrol, around a campfire, and you have a rain break, but still that open feel so nobody's walled off from anyone else,

                              That set up could be a cost-effective complement to the "bunk house" which you would use in a more public setting.


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                                Some cool ideas for tents. I really wish we could afford some of these tents. I'd love to get one of those Icelandic tents to have an entire patrol share a tent.

                                On the flip side, I like smaller tent camping because two people can fall asleep fairly quickly. But ten scouts in a room and they are up all night and need to be watched so that the stupidity level doesn't get too high.