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The 13th Point of the Scout Law?

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I feel certain I posted a message about almost the exact same thing sometime last year.


In any case, I got this question on my Eagle BOR.


This makes a good thread, and a good BOR question.


I suggested thoughtful, as in a Scout thinks before he acts or speaks.


Through the discussion that followed, we determined that really wasn't much of a help. After all, if a Scout is using the Oath and Law as a test for his actions, by the time he came to #13, thoughtful, he would have already done the required thinking.


I think the vast majority of additions will wind up being covered in some way as is. That doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement, but it is a pretty good set. Also, keep in mind that 12 is one of those numbers that carries a special significance for some reason. (as does 3 parts for the Oath, though one could argue it has 4 parts) [historicly 12, 3, 7, and 40 have been numbers of special significance for various reasons]


After all, if a Scout is really doing their best, then persistance should already be part of the equation.


I am not suggesting we try to make the Oath and Law seem like infalible things, nor should we pick apart a Scouts answer. Instead, I am suggesting we should prompt the Scout to consider their answer carefully and determine if it isn't at least implied by the current system.


Also, I think by the time they get to the poin they could handle more than 12, they will already be able to start filling in the gaps on their own. After all, we are trying to give them the ability to make ethical decisions over a lifetime. If they can't do a bit of extrapolation, then we are probably wasting our time.

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I know that all the others are affirmation of a character, but I always liked " A Scout is not a fool". Only because not all people are Scout like and some take advantage of boy trying to perfectly meet the law.




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I will try to keep up with our progress. So out with the old...


The all new and improved Scout Law: (*We are now up to 24 points)


A Scout is Responsible, Dependable, Careful, Introspectful, Self-Aware, Thinks before he acts (Thoughtful), Forgiving, Persistent (Does his Best), Perseveres, Self-sufficient, has a good Attitude, Good, Smart, not foolish, Poor, Hungry, Active, Listens, Punctual, Selfless, Handsome when fully uniformed, strives to be a better Scout, Stacks his chairs, and extrapolates from all the rest.



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