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  1. Help. Mad mom here. First of all in our council eagle BORs are conducted at the district level. They do a good job. My son "x" just turned 18 - turned in his eagle project book and application that he found online to council one day before 18th birthday. He was told wrong application - that he needed a verified application - and the council registrar gave him one. The "wrong application" was already signed by SM and CC. He called both and asked for signatures on the good application. And asked younger brother to take to troop meeting to get signatures.(He stayed home to help clean). I go
  2. thanks... yes he's still on the charter. I think old cc will sign. One of those new committee members would make a good CC and is interested.
  3. Hello All- I am a member of a small troop committee. Our CC resigned ( his son no longer in troop). That leaves us with two other members. Our treasurer, and another dad. The dad helps on cmpouts and BORs but will not accept a CC position. Treasurer is taking evening classes and seldom show up. I'm advancement chair and wife of the SM. I have 3 Adult Leader Applications filled out but we can't get signed off. Our COR is waiting for a CC signature ... We're at an impass. Any ideas?
  4. opps brain not engaged yet. thats C-A-R-P-O-O-L-S. s.
  5. Yea ! Let's all take this down to BSA National. We can meet at FB's place at 0530 for coffee and then arrange carppoosl. All in favor ? (ps I'll make a TV add campaign) I love you guys! spinnker
  6. Advancement_Lady A story to reinforce the need for some lessons. AT BSA summercamp last year a troop of canoeing newbees deceided to canoe to "the island" to have lunch. The island (on a lake) is in veiw of the waterfront. We had a good boy to adult ratio. All Adults had safety afloat and safe swim (me too). I was the only kayaker and I was surprised that a few boys had such a hard time pointing in the right direction,, a 5-10 min trip was 1/2 hour easy and that was with me tyrying to coach them. Yeah we all finnally got back to the waterfront...seems like they had no problem going in t
  7. Hi- I have been involved in meetings lately where such issues are dissussed. I like the internet and applaud anyone trying to get a site up. That said... 1. Have you looked at the Council Website standards ? http://www.scouting.org/webmasters/standards. Though you have a unit site theses are good guidelines. 2. Because of lots of unknowns...people move, or just leave scouting with little notice. I don 't like to leave important things to just one person . maybe its better to go for less security and store less sensitive info. For example , for my troop I may e-mail advancement info
  8. Wow- that's a tough one. I thunk, and thunk some more - How about ending the standard Happy BD to you with a BSA style cheer. Divide the room in half. the cheer -Leader after giving instuctions. points to one side then the other. one side says "seventy" the other" five". Do this at least a few times before ending with a BIG applause. You can do vatiations. like have each side whisper their word. oer have each side try to be louder that the other. or have start slow and go faster and faster.
  9. mjengles- I'm in my office looking out the window at the 6 inches of white stuff that was dumped this past weekend. We'll put another log on the fire and move over some - there's always room for one more. BIG WELCOME ! Spinnaker
  10. my son the almaost an eagle scout tells me it has to be duct tape- duct tape is cool,,,but I have made blue and gold roses from rolls of crepe paper. I pinched the bottom around a pipe cleaner and pinched-rolled untill it looked like a tose bud, Use your fingers to give it shape. Yoe can by in a craft store a roll of green florest tape. Tightly cover the pinched end of the rosebud and continue douw the pipe cleaner to make a green stem. all this should cost less than $5. spinnaker
  11. I would also like to welcome you. I started as a Weblos Leader. Now my husband is a SM and I'm involved in troop, distrtrict and Council committees. Looking back at my time as a weblos leader and later a cub master. The training is so important ,,, so are the other resourses, Go to the roundtables if you can, Stresses from personality diffences and differences of oppionion may come upon you for awhile. I Some of it can be ridden out with the advice and encouragement found from frllow scouters you meet in real life and on the net. Most of us are here becuse we beleive in scouting, w
  12. anarchist - that scouts mother doesd his HW for him. I found that out when 4 scouts were working on E. Sci MB at summer camp. mommies boy coulld't seem to write his reports. did't get signed off on that MB. parents play pen - never thought of it. Now if only BSA woul change the rules on what they can have in their bottle, I know that we could keep them there. - wink , EagleinKY- she deserves much more than that MB (but what agood idea). What a lady !!! Spinnaker
  13. Being a female type - like to be up on the early side - I'm ussually "washed up" and lookig for a cup of coffee - before the guys are up. Last year at BSA summer camp out unit shared a lare site with an out of state troop. I was the only scouter staying all week , was considered the SM for the week. at my suggesstion the SPL managed to get our scouts in tent a fairly quit at a reasonablke hour. The other troop was noisy almost all night. A visit to thier sSM and SPL did little good that father and son pair were thge loudest. I got up my usuall time and worked to get the boys up by reveli
  14. here is a story for you...a few camporees ago I dropped by the troop site as they were setting up camp. . This was an unusual situation - that the new SM and I were responsible for a council activity and were not going to be avalable for the troop. several dads camped with them instead of us. One of our scouts was in the unique position of camping the first time w/out dad (who could not get off of work) He is first class and aged about 14-15 This camporee took place w/in city limits. I was surprised to see his mother try to help put up his tent - picture this she was wearing a suit and high
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