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Preparing for Chafe and body fungus

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NC Scouter,


Dick's has underarmour underwear for boys. I'm sure other big retailers and sporting goods stores would carry it. This is the only youth size wicking underwear I can find. Neither REI nor LLBean seem to carry the wicking stuff this small, and I haven't yet found another manufacturer with these sizes. If anyone knows of one please post. Underarmour does make quality merchandise, but you pay a premium for the quality and then pay another premium for the name.



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man am I glad I read this. It never even crossed my mind that the kid will need something other than Furit of the Loom! Gotta get cracking on this one.


In respose to the shower at school thing:


My son is a middle schooler and they do not have showers in the school for them to use. I have asked what he does after gym and he told me he lathers up in deodorant. Showers really make no difference because he also told me that if you do not want to participate you can go sit in the bleachers and watch, listen to tyour iPod or text and you still get a passing grade. No wonder our kids are getting so fat. Between the lack of exercise in school and the crap they feed them it is amazing Oprah has not had to cut more of them out of the house and send them off to fat camp!!

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