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Outstanding Eagle Scout Award from NESA; Thoughts

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So we're honoring people who were members of the program as children, went on to live their live and be successful, but haven't necessarily done anything for the program since aging out.



"Hey, did you know Dr. Gotrocks is an Eagle Scout?"


"Really? I wonder how we can bait him to contribute to the council?"


"Why don't we have another Eagle Court of Honor for him? His last one was 20 years ago."


"No, better idea: Let's make him an Outstanding Eagle Scout and have a Court of Honor for THAT! Should be good for a Silver-level contribution at least!"




But probably not. I'm sure I'm just being cynical.

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Skeptic, that would be a very nice dose of 'modesty' or 'humility' that you describe. I agree with you.


One boy from this unit with whom I had great empathy (he was 'picked on' in school) earned Eagle and went on to complete a double major in physics and electrical engineering in less than 3 years and is now at CERN working on his Ph.D. in physics out of the program at UC Berkeley. I just hope he doesn't trip and accidentally create that miniature black hole that will swallow the earth. On the other hand, as he says, if it does "we'll never feel a thing". Have a nice day. :)(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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My personal bias is the First Class is the most important Scout rank. Those who have achieved First Class have achieved the promise Scouting makes to boys -- to learn to be competent hikers and campers and to appreciate the Scout Oath and Law.


After that, you ought to be polishing the same old apple by and large.


So I'd favor having an "Outstanding Scout" award for those who achieved First Class or higher and have distinguished themselves as adults.


A couple of years ago Bill Gates was awarded the national "Silver Buffalo" award at a well attended $100,000/plate dinner. I believe Gates got First Class as a Scout.


That didn't seem to impair National from deeming him to be a worthy recipient of Scouting's highest adult award.

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