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BD; Not sure where you looked, but here is a fairly accurate list. A couple from the old AFL, and some from way back. Also three head coaches. At least one Hall of Fame.


Deuce Lutui; Offensive Lineman; Arizona Cardinals. Played in two Super Bowls.

John Beck; QB; Dolphins and Ravens

Kirk Chambers; Offensive Tackle; Browns and Bills

Austin Collie; Wide Receiver; Colts.

Greg Lashutha; AFL Buffalo Bills; only one year, playing on practice teams.

Scott Mitchell; QB; Dolphins, Baltimore, Detroit, and Cincinnati.

Tom Mack; Offensive Guard; Los Angeles Rams. In Hall of Fame.


Chan Gailey; Head Coach; Dallas and Buffalo.

Ray Malavasi; Head Coach; Broncos, L.A. Rams.

Ken Whisenhunt; Head Coach; Cardinals. Two Super Bowls.


While reviewing the list for these, I also noted at least a couple of pro basketball players, as well as a couple baseball pros. Also couple other sports related individuals from less common ones.




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Thanks skeptic.....gonna hand write some letters to these fellows and ask for some assistance with the scout.....See if they would write a letter to him or a phone call.....


Maybe a letter to the middle school coach.....who knows all a fellow do is ask.


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It's tough getting kicked in the teeth (or wherever) like that. That it has happened to others before you doesn't make it any less bearable.

Do I pay the way for other Scouts? No. I may kick in a ten or twenty to make up a troop shortfall now and again. Even our camperships require parental skin in the game. They (the parents) may not be able to attend summer camp; they will lead some other activity whether it's a trip to the nature center, or managing one of the fundraisers or something else where they have to make an effort. Sorry, that's just the way it is; we look on Scouting as a family activity and not as a babysitting facility. If the parents absolutely refuse, the troop, admittedly, has backed down, but that's only if it is the troop has some spare coin and not any individual Scouter. (If the parents want a campership from the council, that is between the council and them)

As to sports and band we realize the Scouts are not going to be around for that part of the year. We do see sports and band as important. The Scouts know in advance they give up/don't receive a POR covering that time period.

I do sometimes wonder why each district cannot form a Scout band that plays in high-profile venues.

Middle school is nothing if it's not peer pressure. The five days a week of school is often many times stronger than the one night a week of troop. Schools have football and band.

Did the Scout understand what was to be expected of him after he came back from NYLT training? I am wondering if something happened at the training that scared him, or if he did something he doesn't want known.

Four weeks of summer camp will run any adult ragged. It may have been in the past that if you didn't step up, then it didn't happen. For the health of you, your family, your troop then from now on it doesn't happen. Just announce this well ahead of time

Any good program has value. Don't let its value be demeaned by allowing parents to run roughshod over it. However, that may be just me who doesn't mind getting in people's faces.

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Well boomer.....the 4 weeks of camp aren't that bad....The cub day camp and webelos resident camp stink....Wife and son are going with me to webelos camp.


the family entire family is going backpacking for a week with the Crew, so while not quite a vacation, we still get away as a family.....The crew members are still learning so there will be lots of training going on....There is a plan, tour plan, maps bought, but no firm commitment from the youth. so who knows I might get that vacation.


Then summer camp with the Troop is pretty boring......I hope they have some painting or trail repair for the adults to do... I hate sitting around the entire week. Right now my plan is to hike the perimeter trail once in the morning and once after lunch every day.....it is 4.8 miles, so I can get 10 miles a day.....not to bad.



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BD all of the above.


And, coming from a family who has cranked out collegiate and pro athletes, I can assure you that

1. Athletics needs scouting. It's very hard to fit both in, but when it happens it's awesome.

2. Little guys with speed are the worst opponents. Don't write your scout off. Proper weight and agility training will make him a menace. Get the boys to a game to cheer for his team.

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Shane Victorino is an Eagle Scout, although the year the Phillies are having may make that not so much a big deal.


Gerald Ford is an Eagle Scout, somehow he balanced football and scouting and well enough to play in college


For years the Troop had a problem with Summer Camp and "Band Camp" the first week of Band Practice, it was 3-4 hours a day and if you didnt show up, you could not be in the High School Band. It was always when the troop went to Summer Camp. The Band kids always stayed home. The scoutmaster went to the Band Director and asked him for "Dispensation" and was refused. But the scoutmaster had done some homework. He asked the Band Director who were the last 4 Band Quartermasters, the Band Director looked surprised and rattled the names off. The Scoutmaster then said, do you realize 2 of them are from my troop and are Eagles and the other two are also Eagle Scouts from other troops. The scoutmaster asked what was the criteria to be chosen Band Quartermaster and was told leadership, responsibility and dedication. All things they learned and honed in scouting the scoutmaster said. He got his dispensation and the last few band quartermasters have been Eagles, not always from the troop. But still...


in 2008 the high school won the 4a Football championship in Pennsylvania. I was on three Eagle Boards of review for members of that team. It can be done

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One last thought,


In Centre County PA they are selecting a jury for the Jerry Sandusky Sex abuse trial this week.Opening arguments are scheduled to start next Monday. Remind me again, what profession was Jerry Sandusky in?


Was he not a Football Coach at the highest collegiate level? And scouts is for gay men?



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I am no longer paying for individual scouts for anything.....



I will attempt to organize a meeting between SM, COR, district rep, Principle, Athletic Director, and Coach after the season.


I have written a number of letters to living NFL coaches and athletes asking if they could take a moment and write a letter to the boys about their scouting experiences and thoughts on football and scouting.


My commitment to the Pack is over after summer camps so that will end.


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Add Jim Mora, former head coach of the New Orleans Saints to the list of Eagles. My HS theology teacher coached Mora when he was on one of the USMC teams and he paid us a nice visit. Also sent me a very nice congratulations letter when I got Eagle.


I know somewhat how you feel I've paid for things out of pocket for others and have been burnt. I've donated equipment I've had, stuff that I now regret giving away, only to have the unit use and abuse, throwing it away. I've went and got donations for a unit and when they folded, the equipment was no where to be found to give to other units in their situation. And I've gone out of my way to get a uniform for one kid, when my own son could have used the stuff but was buying his own, only to have the scout disappear after giving it to him


It is frustrating, aggravating, etc. While I don't have the resources now like I use to, I now have 2 sons in Cubs, while i would be more cautious in giving stuff away, I would , but make them 'pay" with sweat equity.


As for the coach, I'd have a nice chat with folks.

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dg98adams said "Nothing given away is ever valued."


How true. We had two scouts apply to council for summer camp grants. Both were awarded grants in the form of a credit of 50% off the cost of camp. The troop has a long tradition of providing the other half of camp cost for needy scouts. Both scouts just decided they did not want to go to summer camp.

Hmmm, free week of sumer camp, I think I'll pass. No value.


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I played the trumpet as a youth --- not very well.



When I became Scoutmaster at age 32, I functioned as the Troop Bugler for a while, no one else having the skill.


Eventually one boy was very eager to learn the bugle, and I lent him my trumpet on the condition he practice and return it to me when he was through with it.


That's the last time I heard or saw that instrument.

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As an educator:


Do not contact the coach directly. It will do nothing but give him something to laugh and chat with the other coaches about.


Do call the building principal and calmly explain the statements that he is accused of making concerning community youth organizations. Bug squashing like this is the principal's job. If the principal is an ex-coach you may need to move up the chain with a call to the superintendent. Keep it non-accusatorial. Express a concern that a faculty member is being accused of making these kinds of statements. This will get the point across and will get back to the coach as at least a disciplinary butt chewing.

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