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  1. It's interesting that the Age-Appropriate Guidelines say Webelos and above but in the Wolf book Achievement 8e is to help prepare and "cook" and outdoor meal and clearly shows a wolf cub (yellow shirt)cooking over a grill. Another reason to update the books I guess. lol I'll be wrestling with this, this year. We have always cooked as a pack, but we were a tiny pack. We trippled our size this year. So, I have some learning to do and soon.
  2. I sort of agree. I've read the fieldbook and the handbook cover to cover. I'm still a little in the dark on a lot of common practices and traditions having no personal scout experience past cubs. (no troop near me and unsuportive family). I've seen a lot of info scattered on different sights throughout the net though that have helped.
  3. I didn't want to overwhelm the adults right off the bat. I did have a few that signed up as volunteers on the spot. Even a couple with past leader experience that have seen the drastic changes in our pack and returned. This pack had been misused for a while and quite a few people had left from boredom. A walking talking example of "kids vote with their feet" so to speak. Anyway, Tuesday is a pack meeting and I'm planning a big adult talk for volunteers. Focusing on family and the short amount of time parents have to truly influence the development of their boys. Also planning a cam
  4. Just finished up what I thought was a very successful cub roundup. Our public schools dont let us in for boy talks. They do allow for fliers however. So, our only option was for a flier driven cub roundup at a local park. We put yard signs all over town and sent home fliers. We have also been doing some very high visibility activities like color guard for all the home H.S. football games. We set up a pinewood derby, hotdogs, signs, and a half dozen or so tents. Along with a registration table with a ton of last years pictures, trophies, and books. When I joined as a tiger leader las
  5. That's what concealment holsters are for. I'd never go door to door unarmed. Go Texas. Though we do have safe neighborhoods and if I feel iffy, we skip it.
  6. Totally social skills door to door. I see a huge leap of confidence in dealing with adults after I walk my son through an effective door to door sales pitch.
  7. I'm glad it hit the media. We have seen growth because of it.
  8. Evidently there is a group of wiccans in our little town that are demanding to come into the school to push their religion. If they let anyone in to talk to the student population, religious or not, they will sue the school for discrimination. So, instead of chancing a law suit they just dont allow anyone to talk to the kids unless its a school funded organization.
  9. I read a lot and rarely post. But, I just couldn't help but brag on my kiddos a little this time. This year even though we're not allowed to go into the local schools for boy talks, we were allowed to perform a presentation of the colors at the home football games. It took a whole lot of guts for these little guys (mostly new wolf cubs) to go out on the field in front of well over a thousand people and perform so well. No, it's not perfect but for mostly 7-8 year old boys I thought they did a great job. (clicky) http://youtu.be/SNKb7hILUvY(This message has been edited by catdaddyxx)
  10. Get it if you can. I was excited to have that particular knot, since I feel it stands out for being able to be successful with the little ones. Something a lot of leaders can't and/or won't do. My council I guess is proactive in the change. I put in for my TCDL knot last spring. Much to my suprise, when I went to the roundtable, they presented me with the blue and gold Den Leader's Knot not the TCDL knot. Even though they have the TCDL knot in stock at the coucil store.
  11. Enjoy yourself and don't take anything you get to experience for granted. I've been looking forward to woodbadge for a year only to find out 30 days before weekend one that the entire course wasn't going to make.
  12. As an educator: Do not contact the coach directly. It will do nothing but give him something to laugh and chat with the other coaches about. Do call the building principal and calmly explain the statements that he is accused of making concerning community youth organizations. Bug squashing like this is the principal's job. If the principal is an ex-coach you may need to move up the chain with a call to the superintendent. Keep it non-accusatorial. Express a concern that a faculty member is being accused of making these kinds of statements. This will get the point across and wil
  13. Also wanted to add that the summer activities are 75% requested by the pack's parents. I sat them down and asked them what and how much "they" wanted to do. I let them know that I wanted to give them everything they wanted to do this summer but not so much as they burn out. So, I made it thier choice. I had a few hands on things for them to pickup and look at. i.e. compass and such. That meeting on the 29th that the new tigers are comming to is also going to be a big outdoor pack meeting. With a graduation ceremony (bobcat bones) and campfire/weinie roast, water gun fight, races
  14. We were limited in what we could do at the booth because of space. However I was glad after the fact that I didnt plan a bunch of activities. Since no one stayed at the booths long. This was a day at the YMCA and full of competitions. So, the kids were already very active and mostly came to the booths when they were resting between events. Some of the exposure was sending the scouts in class A out to compete. They would have performed better with athletic wear of course but no one would notice another T-shirt. We won a few medals even in scout gear. Lol The kids we have a so fired
  15. Thanks for the input guys/gals. We are a tiny pack in a small town. But, it was a really good day. We signed up 8 new scouts today. Here is a picture of our booth. Not much room to work with.
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