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Michigan BSA License Plate

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Michigan started offering a new fundraising license plate for the BSA in 2012. I know they cost more, but I just had to have one. I also decided to get it personalized. I just couldn't resist. The BSA logo is on the left and BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA is on the bottom.


1HRAWK = 1 hour a week (that's all we're suppose to do, right?)



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I like to see more states coming on board with this. It's value at promoting scouting is very reasonable.


Florida has been doing this for 15 years. Here is an image of the FL plate:



Of course I have one. :)(This message has been edited by Buffalo Skipper)

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Virginia had one in the "proposed" category for years. In Va, the proposing party has to collect 350 prepaid applications, before the plate will be put into production. I just had a problem sending personal information and a check to a private individual I didn't know. We do have "Tobacco Heritage", though, probably paid for by Big Tobacco. I've only ever seen 1 on the road, and that was a farm truck.

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