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Youth Protection now required before registering

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Here's more info sent out by our Council. It doesn't look Council-generated, but rather as if it comes from National, although there is no mention of the source of the info in the PDF that was sent out.



Youth Protection Training Policy Changes

Questions and Answers

June 2, 2010


The recent changes in Youth Protection requirements have generated a number of questions. The following are answers to some of the questions we have received. We will send regular updates to this information as it becomes available.


Q: Does the executive officer (Institutional Head) of a unit need to take Youth Protection training?

A: If the executive officer is not a registered leader, he or she is not required to complete Youth Protection training, although it is strongly recommended. If the executive officer is registered as an adult leader, then he or she must complete Youth Protection training.


Q: I am a Tiger Cub adult partner and ScoutParent. Do I need to take Youth Protection training?

A: The Tiger Cub adult partner and ScoutParent designations are not registered adult positions; therefore, mandatory Youth Protection training is not required. It is strongly recommended, however, that all adults

involved in Scouting take Youth Protection training. All registered adults are required to take Youth Protection training.


Q: I am sure I know all there is to know about youth protection. Can I test out by only taking the Youth Protection online quiz?

A: No. You must complete the entire online training in order for your Youth Protection certificate to be valid. This ensures you receive the latest information on BSA Youth Protection.


Q: Are parents who attend weekly meetings, weekend campouts, or summer resident camp required to take Youth Protection training?

A: Only if they are registered leaders. However, it is highly recommended that any adult participating with your unit activities take Youth Protection training. Having them register as adult leaders is also highly



Q: What is the deadline to meet the new Youth Protection training standard?

A: All registered leaders should take or renew their Youth Protection training so that it is current as of today. A unit will not be able to recharter without its key registered adults being up-to-date on their Youth Protection training. No individual leader will be able to register without being up-to-date on his or her Youth Protection training.


Q: Can a council or district organize Youth Protection group training for its adults?

A: Yes. It is encouraged that adults take the training via the online module, but the instructor-led model is still acceptable as long as the most current version of the Youth Protection DVD (Item no. 610327 or 36121) is used and the end-of-course quiz is proctored by the trainer at the end of the training session. Reminder: It is critical that training completion certificates be issued after successful completion and that a formal training record roster is submitted to the council registrar so proper credit can be recorded in the profiles of each participant.


Q: Why a new training policy on such short notice?

A: Youth safety is the No. 1 concern of the BSA. It is important to implement this training at all levels of the organization. The BSA is always reevaluating and reassessing its policies to ensure the safest youth program and the best training is being offered. The BSAs Youth Protection training has been in existence long enough for it to be understood and accepted as a mandated training for all registered BSA adult leaders.


Q: The new policy indicates that a Youth Protection certificate of completion must be submitted at the time of application. What does that mean?

A: A BSA application should only be collected from a prospective leader after they have fully completed the form, attached a copy of their Youth Protection certificate of completion, and submitted that to the Council

Service Center.


Q: Will both the regular and Venturing leader versions of Youth Protection training meet the requirement?

A: Yes, as long as they are using the most current versions of the DVDs for group training. The online version is the preferred method, as it allows for those taking the training to get one-on-one training and take all the time they need for review. The online quiz does not require printing of any test pages. They are issued an immediate certificate of completion and it allows for the updating of their ScoutNet record.


Q: Do leaders need to wait until they have final clearance on the background check to meet with youth?

A: No. As long as their application is fully completed, approved, and submitted to the Council Service Center, their fee is paid, and Youth Protection training is certified, they will be able to interact with youth while the Criminal Background Check (CBC) is still pending.


Q: If a units leaders Youth Protection training is not current, should we not register any new youth to their units until they do so, or will those who are not current be dealt with through the recharter process?

A: This policy does not affect youth registrations. However, if a units leadership has not complied with the new Youth Protection standard by the next rechartering period, the unit will NOT be able to complete its registration.


Q: Will the system be able to handle the overload of people taking training at the last minute?

A: The system platform that houses E-Learning is expected to be able to handle the high volume.


Q: Will the new adult applications have this information?

A: Yes. All new applications will reflect these changes.


Q: When does the change go into effect?

A: As of June 1, 2010, all registered adult volunteers must complete Youth Protection training prior to beginning their volunteer service.


Q: Do merit badge counselors need to take Youth Protection training?

A: Yes. A merit badge counselor is a registered volunteer position.


Q: If a person is not a registered leader, how can he or she log in and take the Youth Protection training?

A: A person does not have to be a registered volunteer to take Youth Protection training. To take the training, log into myscouting.org and create an account. From the myscouting.org portal, click on E-training and take Youth Protection. Upon completion, print a certificate and submit with a new application or submit to the unit leader for processing at the local council.


Q: Can units that have some adults that have not completed Youth Protection training be rechartered?

A: In order for a unit to be rechartered, it must have all the required positions filled with Youth Protection trained adults. Adults who have not completed Youth Protection training will not be reregistered.


Q: Is there a grace period to get all adults trained?

A: No. If a leaders Youth Protection training is not current, the volunteer must take or renew their training immediately. Every effort should be taken so that all adults involved in Scouting have a current

certificate of completion of the Youth Protection training.


Q: Does all volunteers mean all volunteerseven board members and council presidents?

A: Yes. The goal is to have all registered volunteers Youth Protection-trained. This is an important statement for us an organization and shows our commitment to the well-being of our youth members.


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The Question and Answer page doesn't address Chartered Org. Representatives. The COR of the pack where I was CM took the position providing he wasn't bothered more than once or twice a year for signatures. If this includes CORs, this unit, and many others are going to be scrambling to recruit new CORs when recharter time comes around.


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