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Now I haven't read all 8 pages of this post, do I appologize f this post is redundant....

What I have seen is a discussion of sheath knives beeping banned.

I was hurt much more as a kid with a non-locking folder than any fixed blade. When learning knife safety, I would think it better to teach basics with a fixed blade.... One less danger to worry with.

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While the most common woods tool accident is "closed blade on finger," the rationale argument for folding knives (slip-joint or locking) over fixed-blade knives is that the folder is safer closed than a fixed-blade in a sheath. Also, many sheaths are trash and little obstacle to a sharp blade.


Then there are the arguments based on aichmophobia.


By far, the most commonly possessed knife that is optimized as a weapon is a folder made by "CHINA" with a so-called "tanto" point.


As BSA has now formally recognized its obligation to teach the proper use of most fixed-blade knives, things may get better.

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