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Just to wrap this one up...in case anyone was keeping score....after discussions with the COR, the District Executive, and the Council Executive, this Scouter was asked to step down from any and all leadership positions in the Troop. It was painful because this person's heart was in the right place, but the decision was in the best interest of scouting. Thanks everyone for their input and guidance.

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So, as an Assistant Scoutmaster, this person works for you (Scoutmaster), and as Scoutmaster, you answer to the Committee Chair. You see the conundrum there?

To explain a little bit about the differences between SB and scouting.org, SB is an interface that allows you to access scouting.org, but it also has some labeling and functionality of its own.  Scout

@Maboot38 , you seem to recognize a problem and aren't willing, or more likely, know how to deal with it. You have an adult that is driving off scouts. This has nothing to do with titles. This is a pe

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