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Spielberg Scouting

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From upcoming  The Fabelmans directed by Spielberg. Based on a true story...his own.

Great to see authentic, correct (neckerchief over the collar) BSA uniforms in a film. Even better, they are my generation uniform :D

Like the bikes too - midweights - one speed, backpedal (Bendix) brakes, bell, basket (where's first aid kit?).


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I found this short commentary and excerpt of Escape to Nowhere which teenage Stephen Spielberg produced and directed actors from his scout troop and high school.

FYI, back in day (pre-Vietnam),  we often "played Army". Combat was a popular TV show. My scout mess kit and canteen were U.S. Army surplus (stainless steel!). For grenades, we used dirt bombs (clumped dirt). Mattel probably was a larger arms supplier then than the Springfield Armory and Colt combined. :) 




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