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How do you counter "I'm too busy to be involved" in Cub Scouting?

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Tonight was an example of our precarious situation.  An hour before the meeting, the other family texted that they had a COVID symptoms case and weren't coming until the kid got tested.  They tried to cancel everyone else, but I fixed that as quick as possible for most of them.  Our guy who is becoming the Webelos DL also bailed for an unknown reason.  We decided to put the kids in the ga ga ball pit and made it a parents meeting.  We brought a laptop and set it up with a mobile hotspot.  The parents who hadn't finished youth applications submitted them.  The Tiger DL designee filed his application.  We then talked popcorn, and then I pulled out my Pack leader MTOE (modified table of organization and equipment - because most of us are Army).  I laid it out - you got a couple of choices - get involved, or we don't have a program.  People were rather shocked that two people were doing the work of 8.  Signed up an outdoor activities chair - my wife's friend and their first meeting.  Sent everyone a copy with a priority of fill listing and gave them 2 weeks to figure out what they can do.  I think we are likely to get better results from the dads - all Soldiers - than the moms.  

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Death is a strong word. Worst case scenario is the pack will be dissolved. Let me rephrase: Your family didn't fund the entire program, you all enabled a co-dependent relationship.

Not really.  For the bulk of the small committee jobs, there's no need to become a registered leader.  Any parent can be the popcorn person.  Any parent can find places to go for outings.  Any parent

We have it in our by-laws, with some exceptions - spouse deployed, single parent family with no supporting adults.  It's just really insulting when a stay-at-home parent tells 4 people who work full t

22 hours ago, Armymutt said:

Bylaws state that all adults must have a child in the pack.  Only exception is the COR.  There's a big difference between a troop and a pack.  

Wow, I know of several long running packs in our area that would have folded if this bylaw was in effect.


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I am late to this and have not read all the replies but instead of giving out titles, delegate tasks -- hey, would you have time to do our Scout Shop shopping for all the awards?  Let them do it once. Then ask for repeat help.  Then slip them an advancement guide...  little baby steps.

Hey, would you come along with grocery shopping for our campout?  

Would you help plan our October outing?

I'd start off with one-off, low commitment jobs.  Then see how they do with those, then give PROFUSE THANKS and invite again. 

Do not forget the Profuse Thanks stage. People need to feel appreciated!

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