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NAM (National Annual Meeting) 2021

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A couple of posts - @CynicalScouter, @mrjohns2 - referenced no change to board structure/governance. There is, however, a big push to change the composition of the National Board, first by shrinking it to 40 (from 72 I think), to include fully 1/2 of its membership from local councils, who will represent not only geographic diversity via the NSTs but also diversity of size, enabling some membership from councils that would never have had a voice before, my own included. I am not sure the status of that at the moment, but it sounded like several dozen councils were on board with that. 

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Only in the last 2 years did I even know that NAM existed. I was excited when it was streamed last year, that is, until I listened. Even then it was very plasticine and fake. This year, I could only t

So, I sat through NAM and some of the fireside chats. The message is that BSA is "almost done" or "finishing up" the bankruptcy and this will all be over very, very soon. That's the message: we

First, isn't it sad that an organization has an annual meeting and effectively tries to bury it? They truly, truly don't get it. Second, I think some the people are sincere, but they are in a box

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