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  1. A 74 or lower was always an F for me in school. Still likely more than what we’ve got now
  2. Another reason for this is in bankruptcy it’s approved by 2/3 in dollar AMOUNT. Not all claims are equal in value, so approving a plan without overwhelming support is similar to approving a plan that misses that dollar amount. Especially in this case. Something to keep in mind.
  3. Yeah I think this is pretty spot on. Probably the worst-case scenario BSA could be put in. Honestly, at this point I would just prefer a BSA-only bankruptcy so my lawsuit can proceed in state court and I can reach a real settlement myself.
  4. You have to remember many of these survivors either just did what ”Mr Corrupt Lawyer told me to do” or let the lawyer vote their ballot anyway. The real attorneys (the ones actually filing and prosecuting valid claims that have been thoroughly vetted in state court like Zuckerman Spaeder) have all collectively voted to reject and it came down to a numbers game. Even if the survivor class rejected, the court could issue a cramdown. With Class 9 outright rejecting in Class 8’s place, it’s the exact same outcome where a cramdown would be required which is impossible to legally issue in a case
  5. Making national news this morning: Boy Scouts sex abuse survivors reject settlement https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2022-01-04/boy-scouts-of-america-falls-short-in-bid-to-emerge-from-sex-abbankruptcy?_amp=true
  6. They have it flipped around. I don’t think they used the master ballot. That amount of votes versus those that vote individually seems widely off. I think Omni got that wrong.
  7. Third Party releases. Also, I don’t think this was mentioned but there’s speculation Omni either switched the master ballot or there’s been massive voter manipulation by the Coalition because this eBallot should have been tabulated as a master ballot unless a survivor requested his own physical ballot. Currently, my group is speculating what had gone wrong. On another note, Tim Kosnoff just declared a Reject movement victory on Twitter.
  8. Yup. The way it was tabulated was weird. Said Coalition votes weren’t by Master Ballot and Non-Coalition ones were. Get ready for civil war and oh also this plan is dead on arrival, Coalition is finished, BSA just wasted two years and the executives might as well fire their attorneys now.
  9. Oh and by the way I keep seeing this <75% stuff. Technically only 66.67% (or 2/3) of the vote is needed to approve this plan as a class. If it fails to reach THIS threshold it is presumed that the class voted no on the plan. So even though <75% and the plan will still likely fail miserably, in that instance the class is still considered to have preliminarily accepted the plan pending potential vote disqualifications for various reasons.
  10. The results are DUE tonight. Not tomorrow, not next week, TONIGHT. So unless there’s a very good excuse as to why they’re being delayed it’s expected Omni does their part and releases the preliminary voting tabulation.
  11. I just saw this as well. I will say these lawyers also sound super unprofessional. People need to start firing their lawyers.
  12. Don’t forget that it needs to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and something about the Feds is they only take cases they are almost certain to win. You may see a few get caught if their stories are off and were signed by a lawyer but I think it’s more likely they’d go unpaid and uncharged.
  13. From what I understand this is AIS’ disorganization at fault again. Kosnoff probably couldn’t get a forum that could reach the Coalition members of AIS. The non-coalition members of AIS it didn’t matter because they’re being encouraged to vote no by their lawyers (which are comparably very good). I’m not sure how Coalition vs non-Coalition clients were decided but I think it probably had to do with statute of limitations and those not affected by the statute probably didn’t need to join the Coalition and are thus avoiding all of these problems.
  14. When I cast my vote I made certain to do it early as possible and both on individual ballot and communicated to my attorney for the master ballot. This master solicitation is just a bad idea in general. Take a look at regular public voting for example. Parties of interest vote and make their selections but only usually 25-30% of the population votes. Those not interested in voting should not vote and these lawyers pushing later votes are doing more harm than good. Additionally, any votes after the first week there have been so many misleading remarks made and critical errors wi
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