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  1. I have Kosnoff. He’s been more representative than Eisenberg, but is more or less making the big decisions. I have had pretty much zero contact with Eisenberg. Mostly I’ve spoken to my attorneys in ZS and Kosnoff.
  2. My local council already approved the settlement. They want out.
  3. Seems like AIS is constantly in a civil war with itself. ER is pro-Coalition and the plan, Kosnoff is pro-AIS and the state court option. I’d personally say Kosnoff’s position is likely the one survivors would benefit more from.
  4. I’d be surprised if they allowed for something like that, but I’d be in support of it.
  5. Based on some of the earlier comments expressed here, it would seem my evaluation of it being a better plan, but not better insurance-wise was correct. That took all but ten minutes of my time to figure out.
  6. I know my LC personally has $13mil+ in cash and assets plus council insurance. I think they’re probably a council with huge exposure too.
  7. What it does show is it debunks BSA’s claim that they are still statistically lower in child abuse cases than other organizations. I’d like to say the opposite is true, but the issue with these cases is answers only draw up more questions.
  8. Just being brought into court is already a loss for most organizations. Especially if the plaintiff attorneys are backed by hedge funds which many times they are. They can burn through money without ever taking a hit.
  9. The government is already in debt over its head and asking them for more would only further devalue our money. I’m not personally looking for a handout, I’m looking for compensation.
  10. I haven’t seen these ads, but he’s not bluffing. I think it’s just only claims in the bankruptcy court are allowed to bring forward local council lawsuits at the moment, so they are prioritizing some of those claims first and then will bring forward more claims if BSA releases local councils from the automatic stay. I also think he may try to bring the issue of revoking BSA’s congressional charter again since he seemed interested based on his reaction on Twitter.
  11. I’m glad this addition was added because I may be assuming the role of COR soon and I would expect as much for volunteering to sponsor a troop.
  12. Probably. He’s pretty much on the inside of BSA these days. I’m sure he reads the Reddit too. I call this the “Survival Plan”. BSA runs off of the coke they’ve been funneling through for the last year. I wonder if COs might have a defense of “We signed away our liability to BSA, so talk to them”. If not, many COs are still in bankruptcies of their own.
  13. No. I saw in the TCC document I think 10 direct abuse claims in 2020. 2019 had I think 19 claims which were also potentially subject to the FCR as well. Generally you do better in court or in the regular bankruptcy settlement over settlement through the FCR in bankruptcy.
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