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Hello, I wonder what you think about the camp in Georgia, where young people from 16 to 23 years old from different countries of the world gather. The infrastructure is of course of a high standard. Security is fully protected. In the camp you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Georgian cuisine, Georgian culture, traditions and also to share the traditions and culture of your country with your Georgian peers. If you were going to write your opinion and write which country you are from.

P.S Attached photos are approximate locations where the camp is to be built.



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Welcome to the forum. I am not familiar with the proposed camp. To my knowledge, it has not been discussed at any of our International Representative recent teleconferences. It looks like it is aimed at a Rover age group, similar to a moot encampment? Appears to be a beautiful region, reminds me a bit of Kandersteg in Switzerland.

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The camp does not exist yet. Now we start working on the project. The place is truly amazing. There are many such places in Georgia and that is why we want to build camps in similar areas, where there is fresh air and a beautiful view. I am now in the project writing stage. If there is a camp in such a beautiful place, with the highest level, with many kinds of entertainment and educational events, how much would they like to leave Europe and America for Georgia.
If you are aware of camp issues, I will be happy to talk to you and hear advice from you. I want the camp to be organized in partnership with international organizations, what do you think about this, how real is it and can you not specifically recommend the organization to which I am addressing?

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