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New NESA/Alumni Directory

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I see the Alumni/NESA Directory is live again, which is great news! Version 2.0.21 is available at https://directory.scouting.org/

I noted some functional issues, which is normal for so early in a rollout, so not a criticism as much as listing what I saw to help whomever is tracking bugs to note them.

No problems:

  • edit contact info,
  • load a picture,
  • identify affiliated councils,
  • add social media info,
  • Search function

Not working:

  • Scouting affiliations, either edit or sync
  • Awards, either edit or sync with Scoutnet/My.Scouting
  • Add NESA member number/info
  • Sync duplicate accounts
  • Cannot list only one phone number, must input two

A great resource to have once again available, and thanks to whoever put it together!

Did anyone else have similar issues or know of something i missed? Or found themselves yet ?

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Over the years, back to when it was not online, I updated info a half dozen times and finally it was correct in the last directory that was printed.  But now I cannot find myself as far as Eagles go, though they show NESA Life under my name.  But, I want to search for possible Eagles in my current city that may be in the background, as I can use help.  Secondly, I also am trying to find more info on my home town and its Eagles over time, but little shows up, and what does is not really historical, as it does not go back.  My old council was absorbed long ago and is part of Inland Empire now, but we used to be able to get accurate info on the actual council before merges.  Will look again in a few weeks I guess and see if more work has happened.  The search filters are not clear, nor do they seem to allow the older info.


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