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7 hours ago, wearrepair said:

Again thank! Please check this -

What I believe that you told me:

1)   Select a clear, thought out date and promote the heck out of the coming event

2)   Consider combining with another regular scouting event

3)   Strive for fun & fellowship; short and simple. Involve the families or whole units

4)   Speaker, if any, relevant, focused, inspiring and engaging

5)   Presentations – short, meaningful with pictures. “You did something notable!”

Other considerations: We work for smiles. Good food, competing program, slideshow and other visuals. Breakfast? A picnic with scouts cooking the meal?  

Love your ideas.  I really like the idea of having the scouts cook.   I'm betting ... when we did ours as a picnic / pot-luck, we could have recruited scouts three / four scouts from every troop to help cook / contribute.  That would have been great. 

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