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Girl Scouts accuse Boy Scouts of 'damaging' recruitment tactics

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Interesting listen (13min) Professor Tyler Ochoa, Santa Clara University School of Law, discusses the judge's decision to toss the Girl Scouts' trademark lawsuit.

Prof Ocho at 9.25/13.03 speaks of trademark dilution and the judge's mistaken? use of 6 factor test of NY State law instead of the different 6 factor test  in Federal law.


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If the GSUSA had marketed their Gold Award half as effectively as they've promoted 'Thin Mints' and 'Do-Si-Do's' we wouldn't be in this mess.

If you recall Surbagh's Town Hall video, he as much admitted they (National gang) was pretty much out of ideas on how to add members to the program.  The adding girls was a hail Mary.   In realit

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