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Significant Cultural Changes are Coming Soon

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13 hours ago, Owls_are_cool said:

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise? Maybe it is a chance for my Troop to get back to basics? Less meetings and more doing stuff outdoors? Camping, hiking, fishing, shooting, service projects. 

This is why I want my sons in scouting.  Value statement with outdoor activities.  Hike.  Camp.  Swim.  Bike.  Some of my best memories are seeing my sons outside with his friends doing things.  This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for scouting.  Break the reputation of stuffy, boring mtgs, etc.  Get back to DOING THINGS.  

How about measuring unit quality by a simple ratio:  Mtgs to Activities.  Mtgs are indoor, planning, coordination, training, merit badges.   Activities are movement, doing things, biking, hiking, camp fires, volleyball, swimming, exploring, etc.   A goal could be 1-to-1.  My first son's troop was close to 1-to-1.  Great experience.  My 2nd son had 1.5-to-1 or 2-to-1.  My 3rd son was in my 1st son's troop and it was close to 1-to-1.  My 4th son's troop was 4-to-1 if not higher.   I can't call it a great experience.  

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